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  1. MPurcell, Thanks much for the excellent advice. Perhaps I'm trying to push my TA up to high when it's not needed. I was using bromine but recently empty the tub, changed the filters, filled, drained and filled again to get a fresh start. I'm now trying the Zodiac W20750 Nature2 SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer. I'm hoping to have better luck or at least more knowledgable on water chemistry. Thanks again, Scott
  2. I have been struggling with this problem for awhile. All my reading this subject hasn't helped. 360 gallon hot tub. My TA drops so I tried to raise it. I'm using SpaGuard Spa Total Alkalinity. Every time I attempt to raise the TA, my pH spikes. Then I'm following up with several cycles of pH decreaser. A cycle being putting a small amount of pH decreaser in, running jets for 20 minutes then checking. Because my TA has increased, the pH is slow to come down. The basic question is, why does my pH spike when I increase TA? Thanks, Scott
  3. I have a spa and recently purchased the Taylor Test Kit K-2006C mainly because I like the larger 2oz bottles. I'm using Bromine tablets. Will this test kit work? The included book says the bromine and chlorine test are the same. It has a different method of testing bromine levels than my old kit. which uses Taylor Reagent 1 and 2. Thanks, Scott
  4. I have the Taylor Test Kit K-2006. Over the years I have bought the 2oz bottles or reagent. These don't fit into the K2006 carrier. Does anyone recommend another reagent carrier that will work with the 2oz bottles? Thanks, Scott
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