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  1. Opened the front and it looks like the circuit board got fried. Picture attached. It's a relatively new tub (9 months old) so still under warranty. I had a licensed electrician run the wiring when it was installed. Anyone got any advice on what could cause this? Is it typically under warranty? Is it common? Thanks all
  2. Reporting back: I added sodium bromide to try and build up the bank and it seemed to work (even though my monarch ozone instructions told me not to add sodium bromide, please correct me if this could harm anything). Bromine shot up to over 10 and then gradually came back to 6.0 over a few days. I had had my bromine in-line cartridge to level 6 and was able to take it down to level 3. bromine was 2.1 yesterday and seems to be much better and more manageable. Recent readings: Bromine: 2.1 Ph: 7.7 AK: 78 CH: 185 Do all these levels seem correct now?
  3. Thanks chem geek, As an update, I did a 2nd purge and refill using Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner. It produced a lime green scum in the foam so I was hoping that this purge would remove any biofilm concerns. I refilled and restarted the chem process by using the Frog jump start system (33% Sodium dichlro). Low and behold i tested the water this morning again and the bromine was down to almost zero again. I just ordered a sodium bromide product and will try that to set up a sufficient bromine bank. Stay tuned, will report back
  4. Figured I'd report back after I purged with "Silk Balance Clean Start" I'm up and running again with fresh water and I just tested after start up procedure (2nd day). Levels are as following (Using a ColorQ testing kit) Bromine: 0.1 Ph: 7.8 AK: 96 Calcium H: 126 I do have an ozone water purification system which the dealer explained should only require me to keep a low bromine reading. They also said not to worry too much about the lack of bromine reading as long as the water is clear and healthy. Is this true? Is there anything else that could be affecting the low bromine readings? I have a spa frog system and have the bromine cartridge turned up to level 6. Thanks for any advice....appreciate the help
  5. Thanks Ahhsomeguy...I just ordered the purge and will report back on results
  6. I'm in week 2 with a new tub and would appreciate any insight into water health. I have a caldera (475 gallons) with an ozone system and inline spa frog bromine system. I bought an electronic tester and have been monitoring/playing with the chemical levels for a couple of days. I'm using amerse spa care products as suggested by the dealer and came with the tub. When I got home Thursday and tested the bromine levels were low 0.2 Ph was 7.8 Alkalinity was 87 Calcium Hardness was 134 I tried opening the bromine tab up to notch 6 and left it overnight and next morning down to zero. Yesterday I used a shock/startup (1.5 oz Frog Jump Start packet) packet to bring it back up and also re-leveled the bromine cartridge back to notch 3. Within an hour the bromine level went back up to 7.8 Left this overnight and just re-tested this morning and it's the following: Bromine: 0.0 Ph: 7.8 A: 86 CH: 134 Any tips on how to keep bromine level up? I know it should be above 0.5 with the ozone system Thanks all
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