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  1. Indoor pool, 20,000 gallons, salt-Aqua Right T-15 cell. Doesn't have great air flow, pool is open from 8am-10pm. This pool is for a hotel, the issue is no matter what we do the combined chlorine keeps rising and we can't get it down. So far here is what we have tried. Water has been on a trickle for 2 weeks, lowering pool by 2" a day, shocked pool with liquid chlorine multiple times. Turned salt off for 2 weeks and manually added 1-1.5 litres of chlorine daily. Combined readings this week Mon .40 Tue .80 Wed 1.2 Chlorine sits between 2-5ppm I have read Chemgeeks posts regarding combined chlorine, any suggestions? thanks
  2. I use the Taylor now and trust it 100%, I just need to know if anyone else was having this issue. It would be great to have some technical information to throw in their face but it doesn't seem available. I can't even find any reviews about the Palin other than sites that sell them.
  3. Other than me showing them the results from 3 different(brands)test kits what other solutions would you suggest? Taking into account they don't listen to anything we tell them
  4. no I believe most stop producing at 3600 or so, drain it down a bit each day and add fresh water till you get it down to 3000ppm.
  5. Yes we had a meeting with them 6 weeks ago. They told us that they have instructed their inspectors to "trust the Palin". Also they told us that the Taylor kits are crap even though that's what they recommend in their pool operators course. I have asked many of the inspectors to double check with their Palin kit and when they do they can't replicate their own readings, for example one test was 1.2ppm for combined and the next was 2.6ppm, but they are right. pools are being closed all the time due to these knew kits, we have lost contracts and been forced to replace service guys with others as the buildings are losing faith in them.
  6. I'm a pool operator and look after 30 commercial pools, recently our pool inspectors have switched to the Palin test kit. Since that switch every pool they go to they get between 8-8.4 PH even though our Taylor kits read 7.4-7.6, I have a Palin myself now and can confirm high PH readings on all samples. Also combined chlorine seem to be an issue with the Palin. example: I have a salt pool(hotel), I keep the chlorine between 3-5ppm and got a combined reading of 1ppm using the Taylor DPD titrate, pool inspector got 1.8ppm(Palin) I closed the pool for 2 days, added 20 litres of liquid chlorine and then lowered with 8KG of Chlor-out. After shocking I got .40ppm for combined, inspector got 2.8ppm. So closed again for 5 days and shocked again, I got 0.00ppm after and she got 3.60ppm and closed the pool. Eventually we just drained the pool and refilled and she opened it again. Any thoughts on the Palin, sometimes it seems ok but others it's way off the Taylor
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