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  1. We opened our pool after two years, we moved to our house two years back and last summer did not open the pool. This year we got a pool guy who opened the pool and I explained to him everything, he said he will work with us. So after opening he suggested to shock it, we shocked it almost a month everyday Algae in the pool cleared up to some extend but still could not see the bottom of the pool, so then the pool guy suggested to add Phoshfree but after we stopped shock and put phosfree the pool got worse, and after that I gave up since we already spent $600. Now we just want to close the pool, what chemicals can we add so we can just close it and deal with this next summer since we really can not afford to spend more. I checked estimate of draining the pool which costs $1200 so for now we can not do that. I am not sure we should drain it ourselves without experts, as its a vinyl pool, 14,000 gallons of water and Sand filter. So can we drain the pool and use some chemicals to clean the pool and refill water, I know everyone recommends that we should not completely drain vinyl pool but there does not seem to any other choice.
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