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  1. SHOWEM, I too am in the market for the same size, feature, tub. I have not yet pulled the trigger on a purchase. I found the Hawaii 735L, which, I believe, is made by Artesian Spas, to have these features. What models and brands have you found that are might meet our wants? Steve C
  2. Dr. Spa, I genuinely appreciate your feedback on spa matters. I see there are a lot of questions out there. My ambiguity (for which I apologize) stems from being a beginner spa searcher. That being said, my question about the tub having only single pump was meant to be more of a general feeler question. This is also why I added the link to the specific tub. This model is being offered for $4900 at California Backyard. Looking for responses that explain why 2 or 3 pumps may be better than just 1 pump. Or, "Artesian Spas" have a good or bad track record of reliability. Does that make any sense?
  3. Hello guys... My neighbor planned to GIVE me her tub. I think her husband had other ideas and now its back to the drawing board. I was looking at this tub. Made by Arctic Spas. My concern is it has only one pump. Should that be a concern? https://www.familyleisure.com/Spas-Hot-Tubs/Hawaii-735L Thanks
  4. Thanks Brian... That was the kind of response I was looking for. Hopefully there will be service records. This weekend will yield more info. Please check my post and give more feedback. Steve
  5. A neighbor recently offered me her hot tub (no charge). She is remodeling and apparently it no longer fits in her plan. I will be looking at it this weekend. All I know at this time is that it is 10 years old. She says its received regular upkeep. That being said, I don't want (or need) someones junk. Is 10 years old a deal breaker? I will post more info (brand, model) after I see it... Thanks guys, Steve
  6. Dr. Spa... My "understanding" was more of a presumption. I apologize for my ignorance. Can I assume then that as long as a preowned Tub is well insulated, and I have a well insulated, thick cover, it would cost no more to operate than a new tub with the same specs? The reason I ask, is I am going to be looking today at a shop that sells both new and preowned tubs. Aside from a lesser warranty, is there anything in particular that I should be wary of concerning a pre owned tub
  7. As I am trying my best to do my due diligence before spending $$$, I have another question. I understand that there are other factors besides electricity (insulation, etc.) that determine how efficient a tub will run. That being said... Has hot tub electrical efficiency improved in recent years? If I was to consider buying a preowned tub, how old of a tub could I comfortably consider? Thanks, Steve
  8. Cusser... Thanks for the input. would you mind sharing where you are so I could guestimate how much your POCO charges per Kwh? Or, Who is you POCO?
  9. I am new to this forum as I am in the market to purchase my first hot tub. I have seen references to "wet testing". Can I assume this means actually sitting in an operating Tub in the showroom? Is this a common practice that most sales people are familiar with? Or, well I appear to be some lunatic looking for a free soak?
  10. Brian, Thank you. That is the type of response I was looking for. I appreciate your time.
  11. I tried searching for Costco in the forum, but apparently I dont know how to do a search or there is no reference to the tubs Costco sells. That being said, does the saying "you get what you pay for" apply to Costco sold tubs? Does anyone have specific, relatively current, experience with said tub? Thanks, Steve
  12. Dr. Spa... Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am aware of PG&E's astronomical rates. However, I recently installed PV solar. I did so knowing (planning?) on a hot tub, and therefore oversized the solar by just a bit. Hence my question should be more specifically, what is the Kwh' draw of a typical new 300 gal, quality cover, wind blocked tub? Yes, I understand variables matter. Therefore, I'm asking for nothing more than a semi-educated guess. Thanks.
  13. Adams.. You make an excellent point. I am not yet an owner. Hence my ignorance. I am currently on a fact finding mission. i would spend upfront to maximize cost efficiency over time. for instance, I recently bought a variable speed pump for my pool. Would you be able to give a guess on both 110 and 220? Assume a timer is used and heat/ circulation is done at night when my TOU energy is cheapest. Used 4 times a week? And lets assume a high quality cover as I was told that in itself was a money saver over time. I hope this is enough for you to venture a guess, just a guess is ok
  14. Ditto on the above inquiry. Thanks Checho for spelling it out so clearly.
  15. I am sure this question has been asked thousands of times, so I apologize in advance... I am aware that no two situations are alike, but is there an average cost to running a 300 gallon tub, In a moderate climate, likely use 4 times a week, approx 102 degrees? PG&E in N. Cal is my energy provider. Thanks, Steve C
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