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  1. I was able to get the heater to turn on/off via the outside panel (didn't have access to the inside panel) by: 1) At the outside panel, turning the filter on and putting it into "Spa" mode. 2) Once that was done, manually turning on the heater by hitting the "Spa" button on the heater's panel. 3) Then, when I hit the "Heater" button on the outside panel, it would turn on/off as expected. 4) I then only turned off the heater and filter from the outside panel. 5) I was then able to control the heater from the outside panel whenever I turned on the filter (in other words, it worked as expected) My questions are: -Is leaving it this way normal or a problem? I ask because when I turn the filter on, the heater's panel shows a green light for the spa, and the "pressure switch" led blinks red. -I'm also not sure what happens if I would try to heat the pool (since its LED isn't light at the heater panel). Maybe in my setup it doesn't matter? I'm attempting to attach pictures to this post as well. http://imgur.com/a/ohh59 Thanks, Tim
  2. Thank you for the reply! I'll take a look this weekend, but I just want to make sure I'm understanding. It sounds like the Aqualink signal is just on or off and that it doesn't really check in any way that the signal was received or the heater actually turned on, is that correct? That would explain why the remote panels (both inside and out) show that the heater is on, but it really isn't. To your point, I believe the heater has been manually turned on/off because of the issue, but I'll try turning it on manually and then turning it off via the remote. By "turned off", I mean the "SPA" button on the LT has been pushed so that its green light goes off. I'll report back here. If you think of anything else to check, please let me know. Thanks, Tim
  3. My Jandy LT Heater of 9 years has started having problems - namely, that it won't start from the OneTouch remote or the service panel. The OneTouch LED turns red and it appears that the heater is running (but its not). The "heater" light on the service panel also lights up as if its on. No luck. However, if I push the "spa" button on the LT itself, it goes green and fires up within a minute or two. Any ideas what may be going on here? I've checked the wiring in the AquaLink and it doesn't look loose or disconnected. No spiderwebs or ants, etc. My thinking is that the signal isn't making it from the remote or service panel to the LT "telling" it to fire up. So how can I check this? I'm assuming that there's a board in the LT that the AquaLink "talks" to. I took the cover off the heater, but couldn't see any connection to check. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tim
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