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  1. We are in Southern California. The dealer came back with $9650. OTD including the wifi module. We accepted and are going down tomorrow to pay. We love the Margarita but we're almost seduced by the Marquis dealer at the local county home show. They offered us a base model 2015 Epic for $8,995. That is a killer deal but for us, we liked the Margarita size and value proposition.
  2. Hello, everyone, Another Newbie here asking your opinions to help validate my own purchase decision. Some background, Family of 5 with 3 children 9 and under. Looking for large tub, from a good, established manufacturer with solid dealer service/support. We obeyed rule number 1 on these forums and wet tested many brands and tubs, as well as online research to make our decision. We decided on the Artesian Island series Margarita. So now i'm at the negotiating stage and looking for advice on pricing, obviously Hot Tub pricing is anything but transparent, so as much as we have planned and prepared, I am not 100% sure if I'm offering the right price. I want this to be fair for both the dealer and my self, I want them to profit and be around to offer service and support for years to come. That all being said here is what I'm going to offer. All opinions and thoughts are welcome and taken with humility. Thank you in advance Isla Margarita - $9,500 108" x 91" x 36" 18” Tranquility illuminated Waterfall – $150.00 PillowFall Illuminated - $150.00 Dynapoint LED - $335.00 PermaBase ABS pan $150 Crystal AOP UV/Ozone - $no charge No stereo Cover – Included Steps - Included Start-Up Chemicals– Included Delivery – Included (I have a gate opening of 48 inches and clear path to spa pad) Subtotal - $10,285 Artesian Instant Rebate = -$900.00 Dealer Instant Double Rebate = -$900.00 Subtotal = $8485.00 Tax 7.5% = $615.00 Total = $9,100
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