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  1. hey guys. hoping someone can lend some expertise. Had a leak fixed last year in my spa. Everything was working fine except for another leak that sprung right before winter. I drained and closed the spa until today when i put it up on blocks to be able to find the new leak. Filled it up, loosened the inlet on the pump to allow it to prime, and then started it up. When it wasn't priming in the past, the pump would go on but not do anything. I could hear it humming, but as it wasn't primed, it wasn't pushing any water. Today however it wasn't turning on. I could hear the click on the spa pack when i pushed the pump 2 button, but that's it. I tried removing and replacing the power cable on the spa pack but still nothing. Time for a new pump? TIA
  2. Ok. I have been having problems with the heater housing from my spa and not sure how to fix it. I have a Dynasty Spas spa with the In.XE spa pack that i got from Trevi in Montreal Quebec. For the first little while i would only have problems with mechanical/electronic things like the control board or the spa pack, and even once the 240/110 converter box, and those were all fixed under warranty. Last winter (2013) however i had a leak in the spa somewhere and the spa started emptying until only enough water was left in the bottom. This was mid winter so it froze. Long story short i had to have TONS of piping underneath redone. At that time, they claimed that the leak started within my heater assembly and they said the reason for the leak was that the spa was not meant to run on salt, and also that the water chemistry was off, and that that was what caused the small hole which eventually led to a crack in one of the seals. So they replaced the heater, which i had to pay for, and i called Gecko, the makers of the spa pack. They actually sell a salt system and said that salt systems are ok to use in this spa. So i continued again and no problems until the end of this winter (couple of weeks ago). I started noticing a small puddle of water that never dried up near the corner. So today i managed to open up the front panel and take a look inside. Now i am not sure if there's a full sized hole in it or around it, but there was definitely water leaking out from there somewhere. The heater assembly had salt accumulation along various parts of it. So i took it all out and the 3 nuts at the top where the heater cables come out were all rusted. I am not sure what to do at this point. I can replace the heater for around $100 but i want to stay with a salt system as the bromine has adverse effects on my skin. Can anyone give me some tips maybe on how to keep it under control? I use the Technichlor Salt System and for the first few years everything was fine. It's just these past 2 years that have caused the problems. Thanks in advance. I can post pics if anyone thinks it will help.
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