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  1. Well, as the title of the topic states, the circuit board in my Sundance Spa Sentry 800 burst into flames and is beyond repair. The hot tub had been turned off for around two years or so when it had stopped working for no reason. I had winterized it well and thought id try to fix the problem myself this year. i had a feeling it was a fuse problem so I went to radioshack and purchased replacement fuses for the circuit board making sure that they were lower amp so that the equipment would not be damaged and were ceramic as they had been before. i popped in the new fuses and hit the breaker. Miraculously everything began working like it had before. a few hours later i had the hot tub filled and the pump and heater were just fine. after the hot tub had heated up a bit i thought i would make sure that the jets were still working. about 20 seconds after the jets had started the hot tub shut down. I thought it might have been a fuse as i had put a 1 amp fuse where a 1.25 amp fuse was needed, as well as an 5 amp where an 8 amp was asked for. After shutting off the power i went to the panel inside the hot tub to find smoke bellowing out of it. upon looking inside there were huge black burn marks all over the circuit board, some with exposed copper. oddly, I'm not so sure it had anything to do with the fuses i put in because the burn marks were not on the fuses or contact points for the fuse. I just ordered a new board and want to make sure that my $400.00 investment won't be for nothing and that the new board will not fry like the old one. the board that burned out was a 6600-014 and the board i am replacing it with is the same, a 6600-014 Spa Circuit Board for Sundance® Spas any ideas?? Thanks Again,
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