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  1. Thank you for the reply, We do not have a blanket on the surface of the water, I think we will be making that purchase. The hard cover fits well, and there was never any indication of heat loss at the edges. We are in the tub 1 or 2 times a week. I am not sure about a tier system...kwh has doubled (from what I remember on the letter, I will have to look back and check (Im not at home at the moment) We change the water every 6 months. Not sure on the filtering program (though I would guess it is at factory settings, I feel bad not knowing). As for cost, it has gone from about $65-$75 to $150. I expected the rate to go up in the colder months, but it is consistently higher every month, even in the summer when we dropped the temp to 100.
  2. Hi, I attempted to search quickly, but was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. We have a Hot Springs Rhythm and our ComEd bill (and usage) has doubled in this past year. I have no idea what to do about this (other than get rid of the hot tub...and we do not want to do that). Is there any advise about how to get it to be more energy efficient? It seems to run quite often. Any information anyone has would be very helpful. Thank you
  3. Hello all, We just purchased a spa frog floater system....it's been in the spa for 4 days now, (both cylinders are at 6) and our strips indicate no chlorine/bromine, almost no ph, and alkalinity is low...basically the stops reminds almost colorless.....we just got the spa, and we're using the chemical pack given to us, but we could never keep the chlorine/bromine level up....so we heard good things about the frog, and decided to try....but nothing seemss to keep our water sanitized and balanced....are we doing something wrong? Thanks!
  4. Thank you Apollo217, another question I have is about price...is $5700 a decent price?
  5. Hello all, I tried searching for my question, but couldn't find it in search......hope it's ok to post this... We are looking at these two hot tubs, and if cannot find much out about the clarity. Both are priced comparably (around $5700).... I just want to make the right decision I appreciate any advice
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