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  1. We already add more chlorine than I thought we would ever have to, especially considering that we have the ozonator and silver ion. We add a few capfuls per week. What is the effect on chemistry of the ozonator? Silver ion? Our dealer doesn't seem to have an expert grasp? Also, what is the correct level for hardness? Our strips tell us one range, but the bottle of Hardness Increaser and our dealer each have different ranges.
  2. My wife and I bought a Hot Spring hot tub back in August and have had consistent chlorine issues (or so we suspect) from the very beginning. Here are our basic specs... Hot Springs Pulse (400 gallons) Ozonator Silver Ion system We use our tub about 3-4 times a week and are very careful about lotions and long hair getting in the tub. Foam and cloudiness haven't been much of an issue. Our big issue is that once we add chlorine (or oxidizer for that matter), it is all but gone by the next day. Since we have an ozonator AND the silver ion system, what should our chloride level be? 3ppm is the acceptable level for a typical tub, but what about ours with these additional purification measures? We have been told that it can be lower. Is this true? If so, what ppm is our target? Our dealer has not been very helpful with our water chemistry to date. We seem to get different answers each time we take water samples in to be tested. Their answers always seem to involve more chemicals, which feels wrong based on our tub's systems, but we don't know what else to do. This should not be this hard. We have drained the tub once and have been cleaning our filter regularly. Help!
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