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  1. you stole that tub for 10000...you stole it for 11,000...feel very fortunate...not many people can ever say they got as good of a deal on a tub as you did. Future sundance buyers...dont ever for a second think a dealer would do this for you unless they so hungry for cash they are blowing out inventory because they have no choice It's nice to hear we made a good purchase, not a lot of competition in central ND with which to compare. He had ordered it for a buyer who backed out. He was anxious to get it off his floor and off his books. We've had it for 5 wks and have been happy and now I feel even better. Thanks.
  2. We will take photos all along the process and post upon successful completion, assuming we will be successful!
  3. We called the company at the number listed on their website. We paid $500 and $43 for shipping to ND.
  4. We bought a new 2006 Maxxus hold-over 2 mo ago for $10,000 and that included ND sales tax, cover, lift, stereo, set-up and chemicals. Just tossing out our Sundance price info.....
  5. We got our Maxxus 6 wks ago and the lift works okay but the cover is so heavy that it's a real problem for my daughter and I. We ordered an autospa cover lift but have not had time to install it yet. I am so looking forward to the "auto" and hope it works like the website indicates. They have been nice people to deal with so far, we just need to get it installed. But I love the tub, it's heaven and we don't sit on top of each other, worth the heavy cover!!
  6. I have asked ozonator questions before so I hope everyone isn't frustrated with me. We have not filled our tub yet (electrician comes Wednesday). The tub (Sundance Maxxus) was not sold with an ozonator unit but the dealer will sell one for $229. Will the reduction in chemicals used be worth that investment? Thanks again for helping with the decision.
  7. I have read the previous thread regarding the Sundance Maxxus cover lift. I just had a Maxxus delivered and I have another question, is there any automated or motorized cover lift on the market that anyone recommends? I saw the cover shelf recommended on the previous thread and will look into that. My daughter has had back surgery and will be using the tub a lot and even though she is 16, I don't think she will be able to close it on her own. Any other ideas? As always, everyone is so helpful so I thank you in advance.
  8. I found the chemical posts after I asked my question....should have looked a little harder! Thank you all for such good information, I really appreciate the kind support an education, you are all such good "neighbors."
  9. My questions are obviously those of a newbie, I appreciate everyones willingness to help me along. What are the benefits of either chlorine or bromine over the other? Does either one work better with an ozonator?
  10. Thanks all for the added comments, your input is greatly appreciated. So, what is the controversy? Are there any concerns about the health aspects of the ozone gas? I realize that there are extreme opinions about any of the chemicals, but I am wondering about the mainstream issues. Thanks again.
  11. Chas, thanks for the info. The Maxxus is CD Ozonator ready. Any recommendation on one of the two types? Do you use an ozonator and reasons for your preference. Thanks again for the help and education. I have read a little since posting but have been confused by the technicalities of the science.
  12. We purchased a SD Maxxus but have not had it delivered. An Ozonator was not included but I see from the posts that many tubs have one. I would like to hear the pros and cons. I have not done any research....does anyone know if there are any health concerns related to the ozone gas in tub? Is it worth the extra $$ to add it on? Our dealer quoted a price of $299, is there a more reasonable place to purchase? I have gained a great deal of knowledge from this forum, I appreciate everyone's help and support.
  13. Looks great! Thanks for the pics, enjoyed seeing your "move day." If it will ever stop raining in ND, we might get to pour concrete and have our's delivered.
  14. Well, we made the purchase. The $10,000 even included the stereo, ND tax, delivery, set-up, starter chemicals, cover and cover lift. I appreciate the info on the amps, that's what we'll have installed when the elctrition comes next week to wire. Your input has been most helpful, I appreciate it.
  15. Thanks for the informative repsonse. I agree about keeping our businesses viable. There is limited competition in ND so it's helpful to have some input to make sure the deals are fair on both sides. We will be going back today to do a little more discussion. We will have to wiring done next week, do you have a suggestion about amps? Thank you again for your input.
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