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  1. I have an A.O. Smith B855 motor that has been working for a while but now fails to start. It does not hum or start at all when the Filter pump button is pressed on the Easy Touch Panel while in Service Mode. It does not hum or start at all when the scheduled start time is met. I can turn the motor shaft/impeller by hand freely without any tools so there is no bind. The Polaris 280 booster pump works fine. The Pentair 2HP water fall motor works fine. All other items, such as valves, blower, etc. work fine. There is power to the panel. No breaker is tripped. I replaced the capacitor at the top of the motor just to be sure but no luck. When I press the Filter Pump button on the Easy Touch panel while in service mode, I hear a click, which I assume is coming from the replay in the panel. Could it be a faulty relay? I was thinking of troubleshooting it by swapping the relay from the waterfall motor since I know it works. Any ideas? Thanks, Jose .
  2. My IC40 is indicating that the salt level is too high. House panel indicates 4200. Makes sense because I have had not stop problems with algae in the pool. Water tests at the store show no chlorine and salt level to be 3200. I know the IC40 turns off if the salt level or should I say "it thinks" the salt level is too high. The IC40 is about 5 years old. Should I purchase a new one? Get is tested, as pool place mentioned someone can trully test it? Can I replace just the cells or other parts? A new IC40 is over $500.00 Ouch! Any advice is appreciated Thanks Jose
  3. I had a pool service rep recommend Deck-O-Seal for the gap between my flagstone and pea gravel deck and Deck-O-Shield to seal the flag stone due to my salt water pool causing the flagstone to flake a little. Has anyone ever used Natural Seal (www.natoseal.com) instead of the Deck-O product? Which is better? I plan to put in both the shield and the sealer myself. Thanks
  4. Leak In Pool Pump

    Thanks!! My hubby is pretty good with fixing things, but is this a tough job? I sent you a message with the parts you will need to fix it I had a similiar issue and ended up just taking the motor to a local pool dealer. They repaired the problem with no labor charges. Just charged for the parts. If you have a Leslie Pool near you , they offer the same service.
  5. I'll have to test the water for the chlorine. Funny, now it says low salt again. What';s an easy way to find out which pentair system I have. I cannot find the manuals the builder had given me.
  6. I'll check. Funny thing. Pool was low on calcium so I had started the process saturday and finished up on sunday. Checked the panel last night and the pool now shows 3500 ppm for the salt. I guess it needs a proper level of calcium to generate chlorine?
  7. I have a Pentair pool system (salt water pool) and am getting a "Pool Err" on the panel where the water temp should be. Is the temp sensor part of the chlorinator? Water tests show a salt level of 3500 ppm while the chlorinator itself says low salt (2750 ppm). According to water tests, it's not producing any cholorine and I assume that since it cannot detect the water temp it's shutting off the chlorine. Or is the temp sensor somewhere else? Anything I can check/do besides calling in a service company?
  8. I have a Pentair Whisper Flo 2HP pump that is leaking between the motor and main skimmer housing whete it bolts together. I would like to open it up and see what is actually damaged so I can get the parts. I am an avid DIY but need to know the basics and the gotchas I should watch out for in opening up the pump: 1. Turn power off to breaker 2. Loosen bolts between motor housing and main housing 3. Pull it apart Anything else? When I replace the seal, any lubricant such as sillicone? etc etc etc Thanks Jose
  9. An update: I put the pool in service mode last night and woke up to find the spa running with no leaks coming from the pump. I assume not enough pressure to cause any leakage. With just the spa running, the filter is at 22 PSI. I guess the computer is smart enough to know when it gets too cold and automatically overrides the panel settings. I removed the pump basket cover and did not see any ice build up in that area. I re-started the system, circulating water throughout the pool. The leak was not that bad and now it's completely gone. So it looks like it healed itself? Like was mentioned, the pressure build-up may have caused the leak. Will keep any eye on it and probably get the pump serviced anyway. My pentair touch panel always indicates Pool Error where the pool temp is supposed to be so I will have that checked out at the same time.
  10. Yes there is good water flow.
  11. The filter pressure is 18 when running w/o the waterfalls and cleaner.
  12. No water is leaking from the return lines or any other pipes. Just the area where the two pump halves meet. It scares me to leave them running but I guess it will cause further damage if I don't. Should I remove the filter cover and remove any ice or just leave it alone?
  13. Both pumps are 2.0 HP Pentair Whisper Flo. Best way I can describe it is the pump is divided into sections bolted together, the motor and the filter area (where the pipe from the pool goes into). The leak is coming from the bottom where the sections are bolted together. The leak is a slow steady stream, not a drip. It's starts as a high pressure spray then dies down. If I turn on the 2nd pump which is for the waterfall, it lessens. Looking inside the filter cover, I believe the water inside the filter area is all iced up. Coincidence but both pumps are showing the same symptoms. Should I remove the cover, take out or melt the ice and restart it? I don't want to leave the system running while I am away at work and have the whole think go off like a huge old gyser. Thanks for the advice so far.
  14. Hi: We've had our in-ground gunite pool running during these freezing days in Houston and I noticed today that when the pool is running, we have water coming out of the water pump seals on both the prime pump and the waterfall pump. I don't no know when that started during the freezing temps. The cleaner pump is fine. Should I open the pool pump lids and use hot water to try and melt any ice that may be blocking the pumps or leave them be as is? Should I leave the pool turned off until it gets warmer and/or at least run the cleaner to keep water flowing? I also heard a low humming noise coming from the prime pump, even when it's turned off and power is cut off to it from the main power panel. I am assuming it's water trying to flow through the pipes. There is no ice in the pool. Thanks,