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  1. Plot Twist - So.........dear hubby decided to help by draining the spa and forget to unplug it (110V). I came outside a bit later - with most of the water drained - and the unit was clicking to beat the band. I immediately unplugged it. The spa was refilled, balanced, and turned back on. It heated up to near 100 and then the temps outside got so cold we wouldn't set it in. Didn't pay attention to the heat until we tried it out a few weeks later. The heat is at 95 but won't go higher. I really think the tub is just maintaining the heat it had. I have done all the tests above. Results - zero voltage across the heater relay board BUT the board has NO indications anywhere of any damage. Hmmmmmm........what now? The heater tested out at about 11 ohms. Both lights on the main board are one as indicatied. No GFCI issues. Could it be something else?
  2. thanks so much. I read over the WHOLE manual again and found one sentence buried in the "winterizing" section that said something about the pipes being "temporarily" siliconed in place from the factory.
  3. I just purchased a 2002 HS Jetsetter. It's in great working condition but was filthy and covered in stain/scale. We got it cleaned up but in the process had to take most of the components apart. My question is..............two of the standpipes for the filters were siliconed in place but the third was not. I don't understand why the screw in stand pipe (not the fitting) would need the silicone sealant. Any ideas? Do I need to reapply sealant? And why wouldn't the third one need it? Thanks! Mickey North Texas
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