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  1. sounds like I'm in for an expensive project. I've looked into the slab jacking, just haven't found anybody here in Houston to discuss this with. Any recommendations? And as for the clay, yep, we're sitting on top of it here.
  2. Greetings, We've got an eight year old gunite pool here in Houston, TX. The pool has the following characteristics: - 40 ft long - 24 ft wide - 6 ft deep end - 3.5 ft shallow end - 12 man raised hot tub, situated near the deep end - approx 40,000 gallons or so Originally when the pool was built, it was level, however, over the years it has settled, so that the deep end is about 2.5 inches lower than the shallow end. I don't know how to tell if it is the deep end which has sunk or the shallow end which has floated up, I suspect that it is the shallow end which has floated up due to the cracks in the decking (hairline). Also, if you take a transit and shoot the pool, the deep end to about the mid-point is level, from this midpoint to the shallow end is where the rise occurs. This troubles me, as the rise is concentrated in a shorter portion of the pool and is therefore more pronounced and I can only imagine the stresses invoked at the point where the kink is. It is to the point now that the shallow end skimmer is close to being not covered, especially if the level gets a little low. Our question is, what can be done about the level of the pool? How is this typically fixed? We've had some people tell us that you will dig out the skimmer on the shallow end and make it deeper, but that just seems kinda wrong and not a true fix for what is going on. What have others done in this case? I've talked to the original builder who gave us a life-time structural guarantee and he indicates that unless the shell is cracked there is nothing that he's going to do. Even if it does crack, I'm sure we'll have to fight him tooth and nail. Michael
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