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  1. Thanks waterbear for the reply. I will get a better testing kit. Just a couple follow up questions. Since the Baquacil was low when we started, should it really be taking over a week and a half of daily shocking to get there? We shock at night and test the next morning, noon and night then shock again. Is it correct that we need to wait 24 hours to shock again even if the FC has dropped or can it be done more frequently? And just one more question - you recommended liquid chlorine or bleach, just wondering why?
  2. I have read a lot of info on converting a pool back to chlorine, but would like some input on whether we are headed in the right direction. After using Baquacil successfully for 19 years (I have heard this might be some kind of a record), this year when we opened the pool we had nothing but problems and were told by the pool store we had to drain or convert. We have a 21x41 above ground oval pool with a deep end. Since we knew usually Baquacil users end up switching back we decided this was our time. When we started the conversion our levels were Baquacil Shock - 0, Baquacil sanitizer - 9.
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