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  1. we figured out the jet problem.....we completely bypassed and put 240 to the element, light came on, no light on control panel and no heat so far......maybe thermostat?
  2. Hey guys, I finally got my Vita Spa Vintage LH hooked up and filled up but have a few problems. First no heat, no heat indicator lights and the high limit switch isnt tripped (checked to see if the lil red button had popped) Secondly, when i flipped the breaker the bubbler kicked in automatically, but the pump for the jets wasnt running. It only runs when I hit the Jet button on the control panel, and the jets arent working. Tried the 3 valves but no luck. My control panel has the old style temp dial with a button for jets,blower,and light. They all have indicator lights at the top. Any ideas?
  3. Hi all, im new to the forum. I recently purchased a Vita Spa Vintage hot tub with a heat problem. I believe the element is bad but not to sure. After removing it I did an ohms reading and got .17 ohms. I checked Spa Depots website before I found this forum and they said most elements range from 9-12 ohms if they are good, and some can go up to 25 ohms. So far the high limit and thermostat tested good so im leaning towards the element. Its a 240v and from what the element cover says is 6000 watts. Any help would greatly be appreciated! Also is there any way to test the thermocouple? From what I can see i has 1 wire going directly to the high limit.
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