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  1. I did some trouble shooting using hits I found in other posts and found out that whenever I unplug the heater, then the Spa wirks. SSo this is obviously a heater issue.
  2. Hi, I am the proud owner of an Arctic Spa Frontiere which I purchased in 2008 and that has provided uninterupted service since then. We moved it last summer and resumed operations uneventfully right after the move. Yesterday evening as we were about to slip into it, we discovered that the spa was off and the water was cold. I checked the GFI Breaker and found it had tripped. I was unable to reset it as It would immediately trip. I opened the spa and checked the connection to make sure none of the wires had not become loose and from my observations, everything looked in good order. No loose wires, no funny smell, no scortch marks or burn looking electronics. My local Spa Dealer is closed on Sunday and Monday and do not have an emergency contact. Any idea what could be wrong? Should I call an electrician? or wait until my service center re-opens? The weather forecase calls for -1C in Ottawa overnight and I am worried my spa may freeze and be damaged. Any suggestions on what could be wrong and how to get it fixed? Eric Jodoin