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  1. I tend to think this is a heater problem not a aqualink (RS6) issue. The contol system is telling the heater to run, because it never reaches tempreture to tun off the Aqualink. When it does reach temp the Auqulink goes green and disables the heater. When the Aqualink goes back to red the heater goes back to the problem of cycling on and off.
  2. I have a 250000 BTU LoNox heater. The heater kicks on and off without reaching temperature. Sometimes the burners will come back on after a minute or so. Sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes the heater need to sit idle for a few hours before it will work again. Generally it will not bring the water up to the set temp. If it does the heater will not maintain the temperature. Also the blower will start, then the burners will go out. I just replaced the flame sensor, and seems to be worse. Both the pool and spa sides of the heater are set to max. I have the same problem weather I have the heater set on the pool or spa. The heater is activited by a Jandy Aquqlink control. Even at best the spa will come up to about 99 degrees, with the remote system set at 101. Then stop funtioning.
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