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  1. How Much Bleach = How Much Dichlor?

    One more question... The rates you suggested are much more than what the product directions state. For example my MPS says 1 tbsp per person after soaking and doesn't indicate that it changes based on length of soak. Your suggestion is 2 1/3 tbsp per person-hour (2 people for 1 hour = 4 to 5 tbps). For the dichlor my directions state to superchlorinate with 1 tbsp and your suggestion would be to dose at least 2 tbsp. For reference my tub is rated at 380 gal so probably has 350 gal in it during normal operation. Also we almost never go over 102 degrees and usually are at 100 so we are a little cooler than the worst case scenario. Could my cloudy water issue be because I have not been using enough of the product (MPS or dichlor)?
  2. How Much Bleach = How Much Dichlor?

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. Hello, I have been doing a lot of reading about water quality and the dichlor/bleach method. I have had issues with cloudy water (ph and TH are OK) and wonder if it isn't the CYA levels causing it. Rather than keep using dichlor granules I would like to switch to bleach now rather than wait for water change time (winter is a bad time to change water). Is there a simple equation for how much 6% bleach is equal to how much dichlor? I have read a lot of articles and some seem to skirt around a 1:10 ratio for dichlor to 6% bleach but never any "concrete" answer. Is this the case? If so, 1 oz dichlor = 10 oz 6% bleach, 1/2 oz dichlor (1 tbsp) = 5 oz 6% bleach, and so on... Just wanting to make sure I am getting this right before I make the switch. I currently use Nature2 and dichlor for "shocking" as my wife seems to be sensitive to MPS and only use MPS when we have heavy use.