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  1. My wife and I put a 18x36 inground salt water pool last year and this was our first year opening it. We added about 90# of salt to bring it up to where it should be, it's around 2700 or so. I also just added a 50# bag of salt to bring it around 3200ppm. I took a sample of water to the local pool store adn they did a test of the water for me. Here are the results that they said. Test Results Recommended Range Free Chlorine .08ppm 1.0-3.0 ppm Total Chlorine .05ppm 1.0-3.0 ppm Combined Chlorine -0.3ppm 0.0-0.2 ppm pH 7.3 7.2-7.8 Hardness 67ppm 200-300 ppm Alkalinity 43ppm 100-150 ppm Cyanuric Acid 9ppm 30-150 ppm Copper 0.56ppm 0-0ppm I know that the Alkalinity and Hardness are both low. They are wanting me to buy some stuff from there and wasn't too sure about it. I have been reading that you can add baking soda to the water to raise the alkalinity. I have never had a pool always had a boat and am unsure on all of this stuff. If I'm reading things correctly I should be able to just buy some arm and hammer baking soda and add it to the water? The store is telling me I need 36# of alkalinity increaser to the water. I just am not comfortable dumping in 36# of baking soda. lol. Now I'm new to this entire pool stuff so work with me a little. I'm in the process of ordering a new testing kit for the pool. What do I need to do to get the water back to clean and looking good?
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