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  1. When you guys say "drain the tank" what do you mean? I am releasing the air out of the valve, and waiting until I hear all the water gurgling stop, I thought this was the water automatically draining itself? Is there another thing I should be doing? I should probably mention that I am a small woman trying to lift this thing off, my husband has always taken care of our pool but recently passed away so I am determined to do it myself. I had to have all the equipment replaced this winter, it was about 15 years old and everything burst during the winter when my freeze guard could not always work when our dear electric company decided to start unannounced rolling blackouts. The off again/on again apparantly weakened everything so badly that it all cracked and burst. So now I have a whole new system which I really probably needed but I did not realize this filter case was so hard to remove. I will also try the lube thing, I was wondering about that. Thanks!
  2. I recently got a Pentair basic Clean and Cleal filter cartridge system for my inground pool. The Tank lid lifts off from the top, it sits on the bottom/base of the unit like a plastic easter egg fits one side into the other, with a locking ring that secures the two parts. I have no trouble removing the locking ring but I am not strong enough to lift the top of the tank off of the bottom so that I can remove the filter. It does not screw off or anything, you are supposed to just lift straight up but it is so snug I cannot lift it up without someone stronger to wiggle it loose first. Does anyone familier with this setup have any suggestions, a tool perhaps or technique that will help me manage this? I don't want to hammer it loose or anything that will damage the pipes going into the base of the unit and I don't want to buy a whole new system!
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