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  1. well, i went with the regency from Heritage Spas thanks everyone for you help!
  2. the few dealers i have come across suggest metho for the spa, and vinegar and lemon juice for the jets......
  3. during my walkabouts, i have learnt that there are 3 different types of ozone generators, 1 being UV, 2 being CD, and 3 being static electricity. ive been led to understand that the UV is inferior as the bulb needs to be replaced every 12-8 months or so. Do people have any thoughts on these in terms of effectiveness and use? Secondly, some of the manufactures pump the ozone straight into your spa, but a few dont let the ozone reach the tub, and thereby give a warranty to the pillows. Does this give light to the ozone being an uncontrollable addition to the chemical balance given that the other pillows with the normal ozone systems do no have warranty.... thanks
  4. Affordable Spa, South Australia, the fella there was Rodney, he was really v.good, the best i have come across when visiting over 11 stores across metro adelaide. Link
  5. nah, havent tested it mate except for dry runs of course...... and thats importat cos ive got short legs long torse, the mrs has longer legs, short torso, so it has really been important to chk, but i dont think i am game to take the togs in and test but its prob worth while.... the sapphire dealer was really good in terms of info, i have a lot of confidence in him, but the heritage unit itself is prob superior and has 50 water jets (plus 48 airjets) , whereas the sapphire has 44 (plus ten airjets). i think they are fairly equal, the heritage is metal base, the sapphire is wood, heritage is static ozone, sapphire is CD Ozone, the sapphire use metal ball bear jets, the heritage uses nylon ball bearings, both have 100ft cartridge and nice control panel, both use 32amp hardwire. I did find at the Sapphire dealer shop a chart from Melbourne UNi that showed that the 24hr Circ was more expensive than the 2 step filter system running around 4-6hrs per day.........but not sure on the specifics, on the whole, i dont think there is much in it. Both dealers say $A 500-700 to run per year as a base, then upwards based on usage..... i am struggling with determining any other differences of significant consequence, i think ill sleep on it!
  6. Well, heres what it has come down too: Sapphire Spa Model - $A 9,700 or the Heritage Model - $A 10,900 The Sapphire has 2 step, whilst the Heritage has 24hr Circ...............so its down to business now! Thanks again for all your advice! Ben.
  7. Hi Guys, I am interesting in leaks, and i say this on the context of spas The warranty on some model ive been interested in for shell is around 12yrs, engines and jets is 5yrs but leaks is 3yrs! Where are the weaknesses, and have people got any tips on avoiding leaks, or is it par for the course, how easy is it to repair leaks? Thanks again from someone who is about to purchase their 1st Spa
  8. Many thanks for your advice and thoughts much appreciated cheers Ben
  9. Okay Spa Owners...... Your thoughts please on whether the circulation pump is a good thing, and better than the 2 speed main pump, particularly in terms of energy cost, filtration, noise, longevity etc... It seems that only premium range used to have circulation pump, but a number of manufacturers here in Oz only sell their products with Circ pumps now! Your thoughts pls Thanks
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