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  1. My pool store told me to add the stablizer (akaline) but to wait at least 24 hours to add it after adding the other chemicals (cholorine, conditioner, soda ash) or else my water would get milky.
  2. Purchased and installed a 15x30" oval above-ground pool. Which is best...chlorine tablets, liquid or automatic in-line chlorinator ? Which appreciate any feedback.
  3. Any suggestions on a solar reel ? Are the higher priced ones, liek the Rocky Brand worth it ?
  4. Just wanted some feedback on people who have purhased the Esther Williams Millenium pool and buried a portion of in-ground. How far down have you gone ? Any problems, things to look-out for tips.....? I live in Connecticut. Has anyone put the pool completed in-ground ? I think Esther Williams (Wilbar) now guaranteed the pool up to two feet ?
  5. what type of winter cover is better - mesh or solid I know we are entering the summer months, but someone is getting rid of their pool and has a Cantar Secur- A- pool mesh winter cover he want to sell. He paid over $700 for and is offering it at a good price. Just wondering which is better. I am purchasing a semi-inground pool and having wrap-around deck built. )
  6. I am looking on any feedback from users in the Northeast (I live in CT) using a heat pump to heat their pool. I was contemplating getting a propane but found a good deal on a large heat pump. I will have a 15x 30 pool(Semi-inground) .....Cost on running, keeping desired temperature, maintenance tips.... ?
  7. I am looking on any feedback from users in the Northeast (I live in CT) using a heat pump to heat their pool. I was contemplating getting a propane but found a good deal on a large heat pump. I will have a 15x 30 pool. Cost on running, keeping desired temperature, maintenance tips....
  8. Anyone out their install an ester williams millenium pool in-ground or semi-ground in an area with a high water table ? Any precautions or tips ? How far done have you put the pool ? Anyone have to install a pump or drainage system ?
  9. Anyone have any experience with this type of heater ? Any comments of the use of heat pump vs a propane heater other than savings on heating bill ? Any typically problems, complaints.....
  10. I am ordering a pool heater. I can buy: 1. Raypak heater propane 336 btu - new online for $1550 - standard warranty 2. Raypak propane 336 btu - someone off of craig's list - selling brand new one stilled sealed in the box 3 yrs old - never used for $900 - no warranty (supposedly he ended up needing a gas heater) my pool is ester williams millenium - 15 x 30 Any advice
  11. The standard hoses come off easily. Friends that I know that own a pool have suggested the same. Underdecided on the foam. I wouldnt get it for heating reasons. Will probably go with clay. Decided on a Raypak heater 366 btu's. Found a good deal on one.
  12. Thanks for everyone's input. After people with various people, I have decided to go with the Ester Williams 15x30 pool. The wall and floor foam is $550 total and if I get the clay floor upgrade for $400, there is a lifetime warranty against rocks protruding through the bottom. Supposedly, it adds to the efficiency of the heater. I have upgraded the plumbing to the flexible pvc pipes to heater too. extra 280 dollars I am now looking at the Raypak digital propane 336,000 BTU's. The dealer thinks that is an overkill and doesn't think I need a heater that big. Sound good ?
  13. I was also interested in the Trilogy pools. I left them several voicemail and emails.. None of my messages were returned. I gave up. Imagine if you went with them and had a problem. What would the turnaround time be then.
  14. I have an esther williams and think it's a great pool. I was impressed with the liner that came with the Esther William pools and was lead to belive it was one of the better liners you could purchase. That with the extruded alluminum sealed the deal for me. If you plan to heat the pool I would opt for the foam. I don't heat my pool, but I have a light, and at night, looking down on the pool I can see every little imperfection in the sand that's under my liner. If I had to do it over again, I would at least put in the floor and cove foam. Is your Ester Williams completed above-grou
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