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  1. Has anyone had any experiences with any type of remote water temperature equipment? I found one that looks pretty good but would like to get any feedback before going forward on the purchase... http://www.lesliespool.com/browse/Home/Pat...0:10000/I/78763 Thanks The intent would be to check the temp in evening (while at my computer) and log it into an excel spreadsheet, along with other weather related factors, etc...
  2. Thanks all for the wealth of information... I should have mentioned in the beginning besides the approximately dimensions/capacity of the pool...it also has an ~20' infinity edge.... and besides the 1hp pump for the pool (3" suction line), the company is also using a dedicated 3hp pump for the catch basin...
  3. Greetings... First off lemme say that is seemed easier building a custom house than it is meeting with all the pool builders.... Question...currently looking at the following configuration for our pool: Approximately 25k gallon pool 38' x 18' free form kidney shaped variation ~108' perimeter Most pool builders are quoting anything from 2", to 2.5" PVC piping with a 2.5HP pump... One builder is using 3" piping (suction?) with no 90 degree elbows, at most 45 degree bends, all with a 1HP hayward pump.... Anyone shed any light on the advantages/disadvantages with the 3" vs 2"? Th
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