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  1. Thanks for the responses but can I get an idea of what a down east should cost with the options I mentioned and what other spa/features we should consider if wanting to spend $7400+tax for 8X8 comparable.
  2. Wife and I attended a local Spa/pool show at the fairgrounds. There was master spas (which neither of us had heard of) there with their dog-n-pong show. We really like the value line called down east, Portsmouth SE the four pumps (three pumps one circulating). Out the door with leds build into the standard light (not to be confused with the leds around the whole tub) cover, delivery, steps, cover, ezlift, stainless jet covers for $7400. Wasn't full of water and didn't have bathing suit so didn't get to "wet test". Is this 1. a good spa 2. a good price? Any advice would be helpful...
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