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  1. Hi: We just bought a hot tub (brand unknown, people are moving, its in great condition, 110v approximately 5 x 7) and need to move it in the next couple of days. Distance is approximately 150 feet from the back side of house to the front / car / driveway. The question is, would it be best to find 4-5 guys? Or, hire guys from a hot tub company? If local guys move it, what kind of trailer would be required? We own a 5 x 10' trailer with 2' rails. The tub wouldn't fit flat but we could stand it on its side. Is this safe and acceptable? And is any one side better for it to be placed upon? Sorry if this is a repeat question and it has been dealt with many times already. Any information or pointing toward the right direction would be much appreciated. Thanks, Renee
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