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  1. Leisure Pools Usa

    Mr. Bradford, I believe that most consumers that visit this website are for the most part interested in the unbiased opinions of other consumers that have some experience in regards to their concerns or their desire to get the most information possible in relation to their current desire to make an educated decision on the purchase of a fiberglass swimming pool. They want to hear from people that have no stake one way or the other in the outcome of their decision making process. Now that you have disclosed the truth about the fact that your wife is a sales rep. for Leisure Pools, it is evident that you do have a biased opinion when it comes to giving advice to the consumer about choosing a fiberglass manufacturer. Some of us that have been in this business for a long time could tell from your initial post that you were not just a consumer with a high regard for Leisure Pools. I could not fault you for being excited about sharing your experiences about the positive feedback you have witnessed in regards to Leisure Pools. My only complaint is that you were not forthcoming about your involvement with the company whether it be directly or indirectly as a result of your wife's employment by Leisure Pools. It would have given you more credibility if you would have said from the start: "my wife works for Leisure Pools and this is what I have gathered from the consumers and installers I have met", or something along those lines. Now that I am done giving you a hard time, I think it is wonderful to hear that Leisure Pools has the integrity to back their pools up with action rather than excuses. I have met Kerry Pain myself and other than the usual rhetoric coming from certain manufacturers that continue to bad mouth every other product on the market, I have never seen or heard one bad thing about their product or about the way they do business. The one manufacturer that shall remain unnamed by me ( the so called "inventors of the fiberglass pool") whose initials are S.J. continues to spread rumors and insinuations about all the other manufacturers in an effort to frighten the consumer. Once again, I am glad that you are impressed with the manner in which Leisure Pools does business, somebody needs to bring some honesty and integrity to this business. I am a consumer, an installer (previously) and... a woman! My husband is the Dealer Development Manager for Leisure Pools USA. I have been a guest in this forum for years and until recently I never felt I actually had something to offer. I certainly didn't think that offering a friendly opinion to someone in Kansas would lead to false accusations of my intentions. I have been involved in many aspects of the fiberglass pool industry for 14 years so I would like to think my opinion has some credibility, as well as, educated and professional, however, that wasn't my goal. My goal was to be honest in my personal opinion. May I offer you my "opinion"? (imagine that!) Rather than reading more into words try taking them at face value and correctly at that. While I was being accused of "double speak" you were originally recommending to "read the warranty" to see if the shell would have a warranty based upon who installed it and then later stated that a warranty isn't worth the paper it is written on. I think my explanation was clear and not misleading regardless of the manufacturer, even the one in which my husband is employed. You also clearly mis-read one lonely sentence being that you confused my position as wife and my husband as rep. Your all too obvious un-named manufacturer once again is clearly a subtle attack and shows that you are not of an unbiased nature. I am not sure if your efforts have proven my lack of credibility or exposed yours. Regardless of who I am, what I know or who I am married to, it was my own opinion without even a thought of personal gain whatsoever...in fact my husband has nothing to do with the State of Kansas and I have no idea who the Leisure Dealer was who Thanked me! Within all of the words we have shared it appears we do agree on this particular manufacturer, LPUSA.
  2. Leisure Pools Usa

    'Tis True KatieF... My opinion is not based on "hear say". I have truely witnessed the way in which Leisure Pools USA functions as a fiberglass manufacturer. I have not only read in this forum but have unfortunately experienced some similar issues as consumers have in the lack of customer service and support when it comes to fiberglass manufacturers. I can't say I am surprised when I read posts from a consumer with a problem and cannnot get any assistance from the manufacturer whose product they purchased. I believe Leisure Pools USA is different and I think we need a "little different" in the fiberglass industry. I have no personal stake, just excited to share what I have knowledge of!!!
  3. Leisure Pools Usa

    Thank you, "Leisure Pools USA" salesman Saying that you will have no issues in leveling the pool because it is a Leisure pool is a little out of the realm of reality. I understand it is a typical statement of a salesman. Just tell people the truth. It can be a problem for people that have little or no concept of any aspect of construction. With proper guidance it can be a pleasurable experience. Manufacturers of fiberglass pools love to sell just the pool shell and or equipment to homeowners or other contractors because it leaves them with no liability on the pool shell. Read the warranty and see if it says that the pool must be installed by a licensed or factory trained pool installer in order to have a warranty on the pool shell. If you are a general contractor I'm sure you can do it . If you need any advice or help, email me. I am not bad mouthing Leisure Pools. They make an excellant product. Salesmen just seem to have a different version of the truth than the rest of us. Also, any manufacturer is going to require payment for the pool shell and or equipment before it leaves the factory. First off I am not a "salesman", nor am I an employee of Leisure Pools USA, "disclaimer" my statements are based upon both, my opinion and the opinion given to me by others. I have listened to countless testimonials of pool dealers say how they have found the Leisure pool easier to level and install. I am not trying to sell anything but pass on information that has come from dealers who have installed these pools. My opinion on warranty. Most companies warrant against "Structural Failure". Simply put, things that could happen have absolutely nothing to do with a warranty or structural failure. The most vulnerable a pool shell is would be during loading, unloading, traveling down the road and hanging from a crane/machinery. Any damage that would result in situations such as these have nothing to do with structural failure. (obviously, damage that would result in delivery from the manufacturer should be handled by the manufacturer) Damage that would result from installation would not be considered structural failure either. If the warranty is on the "structure"/pool shell then why would it matter who installed it. I don't know any manufacturer who warrants a dealer/installers work, instead this is where you hear the term "Independent Dealers" I have had the opportunity to witness first hand the high level of integrity displayed by Leisure Pools USA. Integrity is when a manufacturer promptly provides assistance to a consumer when a dealer/installer has failed, even when they are not required by any type of warranty to do so.
  4. Leisure Pools Usa

    Leisure Pools USA policy for payment is to receive payment in full for the pool. freight, accessories, etc...prior to the pool leaving the factory. Rarely do you order or purchase items without being required to pay in full such as websites, catalogs, Ebay etc... Considering you are wanting to purchase a DIY kit it is obviously handled different than a contracted installation. Installation Contracts usually allow for installments as the installation progresses. A Leisure Pool is a beautiful, well manufactured pool. I would highly recommend the Leisure Pool for DIY installation as it is one of the very few fiberglass pools that is "builder friendly", by this I mean you won't have issues with leveling the pool. Follow the instructions, take your time and you will have a beautiful pool and proud of your great accomplishment.