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  1. Oooh ok thanks for that because I probably wouldn’t have known that that was important lol. Thanks again so much! I’ve gotten so much help here; I feel much more confident in getting my issue fixed (fingers crossed).
  2. Yes I followed the instructions exactly and made sure the bottom nut didn’t turn with the top one but the water was coming up out of the large nut that is attached to the heating element and the screw thing was so corroded it broke off lol I’m having all the luck. None of it started leaking until I cleaned off the corrosion. The other strap looked completely fine so I’m not sure how this one got as bad as it did and ok thank you I’ll make sure the new element isn’t touching anything when I attempt to install it. Thanks so much for your help!
  3. Ok, so disconnecting this strap stopped tripping the breaker so I cleaned the corrosion off but now water is leaking out of the screw area.
  4. Thanks so much! This is very helpful; I’ll try it out.
  5. I forgot my hose was on and I overfilled my hot tub; now it won’t turn on. I opened the heater housing and found that a copper jumper strap has corrosion on it. Everything else I can see inside my hot tub looks fine and the water didn’t touch the control panel; can a corroded strap be the cause of my hot tub not turning on? I tried several times but the breaker won’t stay in the on position. Thanks.
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