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Swim Sps Chemical Basics

A SWIM SPA IS AN EXCELLENT COMPROMISE between a full sized pool and a hot tub. Equipped with a powerful jet system that allows a swimmer to swim in place, a swim spa takes up far less room than a conventional pool. Water is water, however, and a swim spa will still need to have chemicals added regularly to ensure the water stays clean and clear. The way you treat a swim spa is essentially the way you treat a pool or spa, but the swim spa has one clear advantage over the others, namely water circulation. A swim spa can circulate water far faster than a pool or spa can, and circulation is just one of the mechanisms used to keep pool water clean.

Circulation alone won’t save your swim spa from smelling badly and developing algae, especially if the unit is located indoors – the perfect environment for bad water to form. The first stop in your journey on swim spa chemical basics.