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Eco-Friendly Spa Chemicals

SOME POOL OWNERS DESIRE a more holistic approach to their pools, and want something that doesn’t have the side effects that chlorine has. Whether you want to just get back to swimming the way nature intended, or you’re considering the environment, there are several eco-friendly options out there. Pool and spa owners face a dilemma – on the one hand they want inexpensive maintenance costs and perfectly clear water, on the other hand, the cost to the environment is on their mind. There is a happy medium, however, and that is eco-friendly pool chemicals.


Eco-friendly spa chemicals are latecomers to the pool and spa scene but a welcome addition to the pool owner’s arsenal. While chlorine and bromine are effective at killing bacteria, they’re irritating to bathers and to the environment in large quantities or if bathers are exposed to them too often. Still, most eco-friendly spa chemicals still use a measure of chlorine or bromine; they just don’t use nearly as much as pure chlorine. Instead, they use natural ingredients to fill out the solution that are effective against bacteria but not as harmful to the environment or bathers.

One method used in the formulation of eco-friendly spa chemicals is the use of enzyme based chemicals. In a typical pool chemical situation, the sanitizer such as chlorine or bromine kills the bacteria and algae directly. Enzyme based eco-friendly spa chemicals actually devour the organic components just like enzymes in your stomach do – by breaking them down. The result is far less chemical residue left in the pool and none of the red eyes or irritated membranes that chlorine or bromine can cause.

What this means to you as a pool owner is that you can use far less chlorine than you would previously have to since all the organic material would be eaten entirely by the eco-friendly spa chemical. A small amount of chlorine would only be required to kill bacteria or viruses present in the water.

Mineral based formulations are another form of eco-friendly pool chemicals and use a similar, natural, chemical reaction to destroy organic material. There are many flavors of these chemicals ranging from canister based filtration systems to chemicals added into the water just as you would add any pool chemical. They still require the use of some chlorine, however, to kill bacteria.

The goal with these various eco-friendly spa chemicals is not to completely eliminate chlorine altogether, it’s simply to eliminate the need for such a large quantity of it. Just producing chlorine in an industrial setting is an environmentally unfriendly process, so the less of it you use, the less of it will be required to be made, thus affecting the environment immensely and positively. Many of these eco-friendly pool chemicals claim that they can reduce your chlorine usage by up to 90%, which doesn’t represent a huge cost savings since chlorine is so inexpensive, it simply represents less impact to the environment.

Eco-friendly spa chemicals also help you reduce the negative effects that chlorine brings – red eyes, raw throat, the potential for green hair, and most of all the strong chemical odor. Just reducing those things by using an enzyme or mineral based eco-friendly spa chemical will make your pool or spa experience a more enjoyable activity, and you’ll also sleep better at night knowing you’re helping the environment.

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