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What Are Swim Spas?

What are swim spas anyway? You may have heard of these new types of exercise pools but wondered why you should purchase one. These pools are the ideal solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a hot tub that's too small or a swimming pool that's too big but still want the benefits of these systems. Swim spas are not new. They have been around for the last few years but it is only now that people are taking notice. Newer models offer more flexibility and features. They could be the ideal choice for your home.


Swim spas work in the same way, to some degree. These pool systems allow an individual to swim in them continuously. Rather than going from one wall of the pool to the other, you will swim against a current in virtually the same place. You do not have to turn around or do laps in the pool to get the same feeling of swimming. In short, you are getting the type of swim workout you want and need without actually moving more than a few feet at a time.

Why should you consider swim spas, then? The use of these devices is helpful in a number of ways.

  • They are ideal for those who have a smaller backyard or space for the pool.
  • These are perfect for those who need to swim to exercise to avoid the shock on joints that running or walking can cause.
  • These systems are far more affordable than traditional swimming pools but provide the comfort and relaxation of a hot tub.

There are many types on the market. Individuals need to consider the specific features and style right for their long-term goals and usage needs. Some models provide for more of a swimming pool style in that children and adults can splash and play in them. Other models feature a split design. Split models are more versatile. One side is ideal for hot tub soaking while the other is best for swimming.

Sizes and Categories

The various types of swim spas make it easy for these systems to fit within most people's needs. There are numerous sizes, too. Most types have the same goal of providing an environment to allow the user to exercise virtually continuously. They also provide for a way to relax in the soothing water. Some options to consider include the following.

  • Molded shells - This design allows you to put the swim spa into your deck, much like a submersed hot tub. These can be 12 to 24 feet in length, sometimes larger.
  • Self contained - Self contained swim spas will sit on a deck or other space. These come pre-built for you. You can set it up on your deck or in your backyard easily.
  • Portable models - Portable swim spas are available, but being "portable" just means these do not form a permanent connection to the ground like molded shells. Keep in mind, transporting these will remain difficult.
  • Modular designs - This model has the ability to fit into existing spaces, even indoors. Because it is modular, it comes in pieces for easy setup.
  • Fast lane - Fast lane models can be fit into existing swimming pools.

Swim spas provide the flexibility and the function you need. For those who need exercise but do not want to invest in a larger system, swim spas fit the bill. Keep in mind these come in numerous prices and are available by various manufacturers. Finding an affordable solution is easier to do than you may realize.

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