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Swim Spa Vs Pool

Is a swim spa a better option for you versus a swimming pool? Each person's needs are different. In some cases, a swimming pool makes the most sense while in other situations, a swim spa can provide the type of relaxation a person wants and needs on a smaller scale budget. Take the time to consider both options carefully. Then, determine which option can provide you with the best overall benefit both now and into the future.

Key Advantages of the Swim Spa

A swim spa offers several key advantages that a swimming pool does not. Here are a few things to take into consideration.

  • A swim spa is smaller. Because a swimming pool is often times significantly larger, it requires a large amount of space to be usable. This often means that you need to have access to more land.
  • A swim spa can come indoors. Some models are modular. This means the system can come into the home on a lower floor. However, it is a good idea to choose this option only if the support structure is in place for it. Modular units can be indoors but choose those designed for this.
  • Swim spas have an active current in them, keeping the pressure working against you at the level needed to stimulate a true swimming feel. Unlike a swimming pool where the water remains calm, this current encourages swimming rather than just walking or standing, making the system more productive for those who need the exercise.
  • A swim spa is often less expensive overall. Because of the intense site preparation of a pool, it can be more expensive. The larger the pool is, or if it is an in ground pool, the more expense is related to this process.

A swim spa provides a place for you to relax and unwind. You do not always have to use it for exercise but at the same time, it offers one of the best cardio workouts possible. Many people find that a swim spa offers an intense workout that a swimming pool cannot offer.

The Advantages of a Swimming Pool

For some people, nothing is better than investing in a swimming pool. In some situations, a swim spa may not fit the bill. Here are some reasons to stick to a traditional pool.

  • You will find a more natural swimming experience present in a pool. You control more of the water movement on your own.
  • For larger groups of people to share, a swimming pool is ideal. It gives everyone room to spread out. If you have kids, a swimming pool is a good option for things like water toys and jumping (though you still have to ensure it is safe to do this.)
  • Swimming pools are more expensive, but they are often a good selling feature if you sell a home. However, keep in mind that many swim spas can be portable. This means you could take it with you if you do decide to move.

Both systems require maintenance and upkeep but pools often require more. In addition to this, you will need to choose the right type of structure for your yard. Some molded models of swim spas are very similar to hot tubs in the experience they offer. Swimming pools may require the use of a ladder or a decking built around them.

As you consider the options in swim spas and swimming pools, take a good long look at how you plan to use the system. More so, consider your budget and the timeline (swimming pools take longer to install.) Then, decide what works for your needs.

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