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Swim Spa Vs Hot Tub

Which one is right for you a swim spa or a hot tub? For many people, either of these options can be the ideal choice, depending on your specific experience and needs. A swim spa is a moderately sized system that allows you to swim against a current that represents a real movement of water. Though your body remains stationary, the water around you is moving and creates a true swim like experience. A hot tub, on the other hand, is a standard pool of water, sometimes jetted, that is meant for relaxation.

Which is better for you? To make this determination, consider both of the options carefully. Here are a few things to think about through this process.


In terms of cost the swim spa and the hot tub are very similar. It is quite common for individuals to choose a swim spa if they want to avoid the high cost of a swimming pool, but against the hot tub the costs can be similar. This depends, of course, on the model you invest in.


When considering a swim spa, you may be thinking about it for its various benefits. A hot tub really just has one reason to use it - to enjoy some time relaxing and unwinding in warm water. Here are a few of the reasons to consider a swim spa.

  • A swim spa allows you to actually swim. Unlike the hot tub, you do get to swim here which means you get the level of exercise your body needs and wants.
  • Some models allow for there to be a section for swimming and a section for relaxing. In other words, with a swim spa you can benefit from having the same hot tub experience but also be able to swim in the pool.
  • Kids are welcome! Some people do not like to allow kids to enjoy the hot tub, but with the spa, this is something you can easily encourage kids to play in, with adult supervision.
  • A swim spa is also fantastic for those who need exercise. Because it is swimming, it is less likely to be taxing on your joints like other types of cardio workouts. However, a hot tub does not offer this.
  • A hot tub can provide you with the soothing relief you may want because of the jets in them. This is one key advantage of a hot tub.

Consider how you plan to use the swim spa before you invest in it. The way you plan to use the swim spa plays a big deal in the success you will have.

Location For Placement

Another factor to take into consideration is the placement of your swim spa. Some people want to enjoy a hot tub outdoors on a deck or patio. You can do this with a swim spa. You may want to enjoy your swim spa indoors, too. Some hot tubs can be used in a basement area, of course. Both models do allow for molded options, which mean you can use sunken designs to allow you to build a deck around it, if you like.

When selecting whether or not to get a hot tub or a swim spa, consider how you will use it. Many people like the versatility that a swim spa can offer. In many ways, it does offer the same benefits as a hot tub and then some. However, it is up to you to choose what works for your specific needs. Check out both options and then determine which one is going to provide you with the type of environment you are looking for.

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