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Swimming Pool Brands

You’ve taken the leap and decided that you want to purchase a swimming pool. You’re sold on all the family fun you’ll have and the exciting benefits of swimming as an exercise medium. You’ve read up about maintaining the water and now you’re ready to start writing the checks that will result in that sparkling piece of blue water in your back yard. Now all you need to know is what type of pool to look into.

Unlike hot tubs or spas, there aren’t as many swimming pool brands that you can just pick out of a catalog since all swimming pools by nature are custom affairs. The first thing you need to hone in on is your budget, and that will really point you in the direction you need to go.

Perhaps the easiest and least expensive pool that lends itself to research of swimming pool brands is the above ground pool. Above ground pools are extremely easy to set up – they just require leveling of a suitable area, and the setting up of a metal framework. To this framework is hung the pool liner, and then a deck is installed. Depending on the design, these pools can be set up in as little as a day. When choosing these swimming pool brands, look for a thick and suitable liner as that is the part that will deteriorate the fastest.

The next type of pool to look into is the in ground liner pool. These also lend themselves to establish swimming pool brands since these are not usually custom designs – they come in a series of shapes and sizes from a manufacturer. A little more expensive to build because they require excavation, an in ground liner pool is a good balance between cost and aesthetics.

If you’re committed to digging a hole in the first place, you may want to look into fiberglass pools. It’s easier to compare fiberglass swimming pool brands because there are relatively few manufacturers of these types of pools. The reason for this is that the pool itself is manufactured inside of a polished mold, and this tooling is an expensive proposition for the pool manufacturer. The result however, is a magnificent and long lasting swimming pool that will give you decades of use. The downside is that since these pools are made in a mold, there are a limited number of designs that each pool manufacturer can offer – limited by the number of pool molds they possess.

The final type of pool to look at when researching swimming pool brands is the ubiquitous gunite in ground pool. This requires the same hole as the last two types, but in this instance, the hole is lined with rebar and sprayed with gunite, which is liquid cement. Once the pool has cured, it’s usually plastered with a smooth plaster finish. While the most expensive of any of the designs, it is also the most permanent and the longest lasting, and offers the most choices available for design since the layout, shape, and depth are only limited by your imagination – and budget.

When looking into swimming pool brands, some other considerations to think about are space and longevity. How much space do you want to give up in your back yard? How much space do you have to bring in heavy excavation machinery? Also, longevity is another key consideration. You may want to think about how long you plan on staying in your current home. If you’ll only be there a few years, maybe an above ground pool would fit the bill. Whichever choice you make, prepare to enjoy afternoons swimming in your very own backyard pool!

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