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Swimming Pool Questions To Ask

Buying a swimming pool is an excellent way to provide a safe and exciting activity to the privacy of your back yard. Besides all the family fun you can have, the bonding experiences, and the parties with friends, swimming has been shown to have a huge amount of health benefits. Swimming is an exercise everyone from children to senior citizens can engage in, and it is one of the few cardio exercises that is absolutely low impact.

The first swimming pool question to ask will revolve around your budget. What is your budget? Pools can most definitely be installed for small amounts of money, but you’ll find yourself looking at the lower end of the pool spectrum with designs like above ground pools and liner pools. These types of pools are close cousins – both use a liner. The above ground pool, however, has its liner hung on a galvanized metal framework and doesn’t need any sort of excavation. Simply park it on level ground and let the swimming begin. As you can imagine such a design’s main drawback is the sheer bulk of an above ground pool in your back yard. A liner pool is a great compromise – you’ll have to excavate but when complete, it’s an in ground installation and very appealing to look at. Rounding out the higher end, fiberglass and gunite pools are at the top. You’ll have to excavate for these, again, and the cost of the installation will be steep, but the end result will be a gorgeous and permanent in ground pool which will serve your family for decades.

The next swimming pool question to ask is what sort of activities you plan to engage in within the new pool. Many people assume that a pool is a pool, but there are certain activities you want to plan for before you build. One of these is recreational swimming. If you are committed to a swimming regimen that includes daily laps and swimming for exercise, a beach entrance oddly shaped pool is not for you. You’ll want to plan for a nice straight lap lane, adequate depth on both ends for swimming, and perhaps even a lane marking on the bottom. More recreation oriented pools would be totally different designs that would include features like beach entrances, water features, interesting shapes, and equipment such as waterslides.

Another swimming pool question to ask revolves around heat. Heating your pool is not simply a frivolous luxury. You must realize that heating your pool might make the difference between you using your pool often and only using it during the summer months. Even in warm climates like California, the winter months are far too cold to use an unheated outdoor pool. Planning for pool heat early on will save you a bundle – ensure that you pick an energy efficient heater as well as a redundant and inexpensive system like a solar heating recirculating loop.

Lastly, the final swimming pool question to ask when designing your pool is what sort of chemicals you’ll use to keep the pool clean. Pool chemicals have come a long way from the only choices being chlorine, chlorine, and more chlorine. You should endeavor to consider sanitation systems like salt water, which requires its own hardware before you construct your pool. Filtration is another area that needs to be addressed before the pool is built, and whether you’ll look into diatomaceous earth versus cartridges.

Keep thinking about the swimming pool questions to ask and you’ll find that there are many resources available to answer these questions, and that many pool owners have answered them, pool owners that you can look to for advice. There are no stupid questions at this point, just the ones that aren’t asked!

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