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POOL ELECTRONICS ARE A FIELD OF EXPERTISE that didn’t exist even fifteen years ago the way it does today. Pool electronics, used to control such things as pump cycles and the pool heater, used to be mechanical boxes with no electronics within. Simply gear driven wheels with notches in them that would flick a lever on and run the pump, then hit a preset time and shut the pump off.

Modern pool electronics have come a long way since those days, and now do just about everything except file your tax returns. Modern systems have remote controls and are even wireless so you don’t have to bust up the hardscape.


A pool controller is much more than just a device to run the pool pump. The operation of the pump can be programmed in daily, and custom programs can be set for specific times of the day, week, or year. If you know that you are going to have extra swimmers one day, run the pump longer, or adjust the run time down for the winter, all without leaving your house.

Pool electronics can also monitor and control the water temperature of both a pool and spa. Want to have that spa heated up to 100 degrees every night when you get home? Just program it. How about maintaining perfect 70 degree water in the pool at all times? No problem. The key with these systems is that they fully integrate with your pump and heater to combine the two into a complete solution of filtration and temperature. Some manufacturers even take it a step further by allowing for the electronic control of chlorine in saltwater pools meaning the pool owner does barely anything – except enjoy his pool.

Certain controllers and pool electronics integrate to control even more than just temperature and run time. Certain systems keep track of pool lighting, automatically turning it on and off at preset times, as well as lighting around the deck to maintain the ultimate night safety around the pool. Water features such as fountains and waterfalls can be controlled so that they run when you want them to. Other advanced controllers blur the line between pool electronics and home electronics by creating smart systems that control the “total backyard experience” – they can monitor and activate just about everything from variable pump motors to solar heating systems and their associated pumps.


The point of these systems is not so much to impress your friends or make you feel like your back yard is a science fiction movie set – although they will do all of that– it’s to make your life easier. Having to manually turn your pump on and off is fairly easy, although it requires a trip to the pump – outside. Then you have heating your pool or spa to think about. If you decide you want to use the spa that night, you’d better turn the heater on two to three hours in advance because that’s how long it takes to heat the average size spa. Pool electronics automate these functions by doing it all for you meaning you get to dip into a perfect hundred degree spa at the end of a long workday instead of waiting for it to heat up for two hours, akin to watching paint dry.

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