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How To Research Buying A Swimming Pool

You have more or less decided that you want to purchase a swimming pool for your home. You realize, however, that you don’t even know how to research buying a swimming pool, much less how to buy a pool. No problem, the process is fairly straight forward.

When researching buying a swimming pool, the very first item and question that will come to mind and must be answered before any other is ‘what is your budget?’ From this one question proceeds forth all the answers.

The cost of a pool is so important because it will largely determine the kind of pool you will buy. There are many kinds and types of pool and each has their advantages and disadvantages. On the low end of the spectrum, and above ground pool is the lowest cost design but has perhaps the most drawbacks. Cost and quick setup times are the only positive features that you get here, with unsightliness and short life being two of the biggest disadvantages. Next in line for cost and functionality would be an in ground liner pool. These types of pools are lower in cost than a traditional in ground pool but with a more rapid setup time and a decent longevity. Popular on the east coast, these types of pools are a good balance of features. The full fledged in ground gunite or shotcrete pool is perhaps the pinnacle of pool construction, with the greatest life and beauty, but the most expensive type of pool out there.

The next item on how to research buying a swimming pool, once you’ve selected the type of pool you want, is to determine how much space you can afford to lose from your back yard. Remember, in an excavated pool, you need to take account the space required for the actual pool, but also important is the space required for heavy machinery to enter the yard and remove the dirt. The pool itself isn’t the entire size issue to deal with – the decking and surrounding hardscape should also be considered in the pool size and cost.

The next item you need to look into is another important one. How to research buying a swimming pool essentially starts with budget, but it ends in selecting a contractor. Selecting a good pool contractor is a significant portion of the decision making process. You need to look for several things in a pool contractor. While it’s tempting to focus strictly on price, remember that a swimming pool is a permanent installation to your home and its execution directly affects the value of your home. A poorly planned and cheaply built pool will neither satisfy your family nor add value to your home. Look for an established contractor that has been around – and will be around to support you and back up the construction of the pool with a generous warranty.

Consider the builder credentials. You’ll find that many of these pool contractors will throw out phrases like “award winning” left and right. But what sorts of awards matter for pools? How can you tell if the award that your contractor has won actually means something? One of the best awards that can be given comes from an organization called TradeCertified. . Originally formed in 1999, this group of industry professionals started out certifying pool and spa builders and has since gone on to certify many other types of trade industries. TradeCertified is a consumer testing firm with specialized knowledge whose mission is to protect consumers from firms that could be incompetent, predatory, unstable, or just plain unprofessional. When buying your pool you want to make sure your builder is certified and not only that, TradeCertified.

Acquiring the TradeCertified designator means your builder has been tested and reviewed on things like number of years in business, industry affiliations, staff expertise, and customer satisfaction. They are tested to see whether they possess a customer bill of rights, and actual customer testimonials. They are reviewed to see whether the company possesses good corporate citizenship and has a history of customer complaints. Lastly, they are inspected to determine whether the builder has had the necessary service training and whether its employees are continuing to receive education.

Lastly, your pool selection process in researching a pool will come down to personal taste. Oftentimes making a pool your own will be the most exciting part of building a pool. From selecting elegant coping and decking to adding water features like fountains; from picking pretty mosaics to adorn the inside of the pool to selecting beautiful tiles, much of the research can be fun. You may elect also to look into such features as a beach entrance pool, which is just like it sounds…a slow and easy slope that starts with just a few inches of water and then proceeds to a deep end.

How to research buying a swimming pool is a personal journey, and doing your homework up front will save you costs and headache in the long run.

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