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To assist our PSF website visitors, we have assembled a collection of business background reports from the pool & spa industry.

We call these information reports, Report Cards.While these Report Cards are not exhaustive, they do highlight major differences and features when compared on a side-by-side basis in a variety of categories including hot tubs, swimming pools, swim spas, replacement parts, water care, etc.

*DISCLAIMER*PoolSpaForum.com does not conduct individual independent product evaluations of each product; instead we rely on information provided by our editors, manufacturers, consumers and other third-parties to help us evaluate products. Because of the inherent delay and potential risk of inadvertently omitting or misprinting information, we recommend each consumer conduct a thorough evaluation of any manufacturer before purchasing their product(s).


 Aloha Fiberglass Pools has been a premier manufacturer leading the way in cutting-edge fiberglass pool manufacturing since 1991.


 Master Spas, winner of the prestigious TradeCertified Certification the past six years, offers several unique product lines to suit every need, desire and budget.



 Spa Parts Shop is an online retailer of specialty parts and accessories for spas. We like to think that we are in the business of customer service and just so happen to sell spa parts!



 Swim whenever you like on your own schedule at your perfect pace.  No traveling, no crowed pools, no heavy chlorine. Just your own precision engineered swimming pool, where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that's fully adjustable to any speed or ability!


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