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You’ve decided on getting a hot tub – you’re sold on the relaxation and benefits of a hot tub. From the therapeutic properties of the hot water to the medical benefits of lower blood pressure and increased circulation, from the additional home resale value to the family time, a hot tub is for you. Now all that needs to be done is to select a model that will do what you need it to, and there are a few things to look out for.

Perhaps the most important area to think of is jets, and for a couple different reasons. If you simply want a hot tub to soak in, then the number and type of jets in the tub won’t matter as much. Simply having a tub for soaking is a perfectly valid way to go and the simple act of soaking in hot water has many benefits. Others want powerful hydro massage features, which simply means a number of jets that are positioned such that pressurized water is jetted to strategic parts of your body. You want certain features in your jets – adjustability, for starters, since one size definitely doesn’t fit all. The sheer number of jets is not necessarily the best way to measure jet performance in a spa – you must ensure they are positioned adequately and can be adjusted to give you the best performance.

Some spas have bubbling systems which are different from jets. While jets are powerful columns of water, bubbles are simply generated by an aeration system and are used to provide a soft tissue massage or simply just for entertainment purposes. This feature might be one to look into with seniors and children.

Reliability is something else to look for and you want to purchase a spa from a reputable manufacturer who backs their product and uses quality components so that you can enjoy your nightly soak free of problems. Nothing is more annoying than waiting all day to soak in the tub and having something fail within the unit.

The heater rounds out the top hot tub features to look for when purchasing or building a spa. Of all the things that you reliably expect out of a hot tub, steady, economic, and quick heat is one of them. Your hot tub’s heater should be powerful, in order to ramp up the heat in the water fast, yet energy efficient since using your spa nightly can eat up quite a bit of energy. On that note, energy efficiency is not only limited to the heating mechanism, you need to fully investigate the construction of the hot tub to ensure it’s fully insulated all the way around with foam so that it retains the heat you pump into it rather than having it dissipate out the sides.

Another top hot tub feature is a locking cover. Not only will this prevent debris and unauthorized people from using the hot tub, it will keep the tub clean and help it retain heat. During the day, sunlight has a tendency to break down the sanitizer in the hot tub, which fosters algae growth and deteriorates the water quality. To add to that, the hot tub is routinely full of hot water, which also increases bacteria growth. A cover goes a long way to guarding the hot tub from sunlight and allows the water quality to remain higher for longer periods of time.

When buying a hot tub, pay close attention to the top hot tub features and try each hot tub out for comfort, even if there is no water in it. A hot tub is a large and significant investment and a thorough investigation into each one’s features needs to be made. A little home work now will save you lots of headaches down the road.

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