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Cabinet Refinishing

Importance of Hot Tub Cabinet Maintenance

The hot tub cabinet is often the first thing people see when they look at a hot tub. There are a range of cabinet styles from basic to extravagant. There’s an old saying that you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression, so it’s important to keep your hot tub cabinet in top condition and looking its best. Depending on the material your cabinet is constructed of (typically wood or synthetic material), there are several steps you can take to keep your hot tub cabinet looking great for years.

Types of Hot Tub Cabinets

There is an assortment of wood used for hot tub cabinets. The two most common seen in hot tubs today are redwood and cedar. Both of these woods are naturally resistant to pests which means you don’t have to fight off bugs and critters who want to eat your hot tub. Both of these types of woods are popular choices for outdoor construction, so it’s no wonder this carries over into the hot tub industry.

Recently, a number of hot tub manufactures are offering synthetic options for hot tub cabinets. These synthetic materials are made of plastics, but are designed to look and feel like real wood. They come in an assortment of stains and even have simulated grains to mimic real wood.

The nice thing about synthetic cabinets is they require a lot less maintenance than real wood hot tub cabinets. They are more resistant to fading, pest problems, and water damage. An occasional cleaning with a mild soap and water is usually the only maintenance required for synthetic cabinets. This reduces your time spent maintaining your hot tub cabinet and allows you more time to soak and enjoy your tub.

Hot Tub Cabinet Refinishing

With all natural building materials, nature will take its toll over time. If you have a real wood hot tub cabinet, it will inevitably begin to fade and deteriorate from UV rays. Occasionally it may require a little bit of work to rejuvenate the cabinet and get it back to its natural glory. The good thing is you don’t need to be a professional to do this. If you’ve ever stained any types of wood (deck, furniture, etc.) you’re already a step ahead.

It’s always recommended to use the same stain as manufacture to ensure consistency in color and quality. Check with your manufacture to find out what type of stain you should use.

Steps for refinishing a hot tub cabinet:

  • If you have a fair amount of scale or contaminants present on your cabinet, use a medium grit sandpaper to remove these and achieve a consistent surface area.
  • Clean the surface of the cabinet with water and allow it sufficient time to fully dry.
  • Inspect the surface to make sure you didn’t miss any spots when cleaning and ensure there is no mildew present.
  • Apply your stain, one section at a time, according to the manufacture’s recommendation. Applying the stain with a rag and “dragging” it on the surface of the wood is often the easiest method.
  • Allow the stain to dry.
  • Review your work and reapply additional coats of stain as needed in areas where the color may not match.

Reapplying stain tothe hot tub cabinet is really an easy task that could be tackled by most hot tub owners. However, if you feel overwhelmed by the process or don’t feel comfortable doing this work yourself there are a ton of service providers who can do the job for a fair cost. Ask your local spa supply store for recommended contractors and service professionals. Whatever you do, don’t let your hot tub cabinet rot away. It’s much more expensive to replace the cabinet than to occasionally re-stain.

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