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Spa Aromatherapy

What is Spa Aromatherapy?

Spa aromatherapy is something many spa owners have heard little or nothing about in the past. Although it has been around for some time, it’s just now starting to get some traction in the spa and hot tub marketplace and people are beginning to really enjoy their experiences.

Spa aromatherapy is similar to other forms of aromatherapy, in that it provides an environment with scents and smells that can inspire moods and help people relax. Aromatherapy has been around the massage industry for decades and has been proven an effective way of providing a number of benefits. Among these benefits, aromatherapy can help with: romance, sinuses, insomnia, depression, and stress.

The definition of aromatherapy is the usage of scents or fragrances to alter a person’s mood, behavior, mind, or health. These fragrances are usually derived from natural resources such as flowers, herbs, barks, resins, and plant roots in the form of essential oils. Essential oils are created through distilling these elements of plants and are highly concentrated. Although they are named “oils” they are often not oily feeling and are clear in color.

When it comes to spa aromatherapy, one bonus is the masking of harsh chemical smells. Some people are bothered by the smell of the chlorine or other chemicals in hot tub water. Aromatherapy can help cover up this smell and provide a better hot tub experience for many. The strength of the scent is controlled by how much product is used, and can ultimately be adjusted to personal preference.

Forms of Spa Aromatherapy

Spa aromatherapy can be delivered in several forms. Candles, oils, beads, and crystals are a few of the more common types of products. A common option is purchasing “packs” which consist of one or more of these types of products. They can be used in combination to provide the ultimate experience.

If you’re familiar with bath products, chances are you have probably seen beads and crystals that can be added to the water - spa aromatherapy products are similar to these bath products. When added to the water they dissolve and provide soothing and pleasant scents. The great thing about aromatherapy products designed for spas and hot tubs is they will not alter the chemical levels in your water or cause clouding of the water. Make sure to only use products specifically designed for spas or hot tubs, as other products may leave a residue in your hot tub or within your pumps and heaters which can be a real hassle to clean and may even void your warranty. Depending on how much product is added, the scent usually lasts for a couple of days.

Candles are often what come to mind when people think of aromatherapy. There is a wide variety of candle scents and they can be purchased fairly inexpensively. Candles can be placed around the hot tub, or they can be “floated” in the spa using specially designed vessels. Floating candles can be dangerous however, and one must always be aware of where they are. It’s never fun discovering a floating candle near your hair or sensitive body parts!

Whether you’re trying to relieve some stress or set a romantic mood, aromatherapy for your spa is a great option. With a huge variety of scents, you should have no problem finding one that you enjoy. Using these herbal scents and smells can transform your spa experience into one that’s even more enjoyable. I urge you to go out and pick up a few of these aromatherapy items yourself and give them a whirl, you just might fall in love with them.

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