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Awards That Matter

You’ve made the decision to purchase a hot tub or spa because you realize the health benefits that experts have known for years: a spa can heal your pain, increase circulation, lower your blood sugar level, and generally make you feel excellent, not to mention the bonding session that occurs every night with your family while in the spa. You’ve selected the type of hot tub you want, and know where to put it. Now you need to begin shopping for the actual unit. Lots of manufacturers will throw out lingo like “award winning” and such, but what are the awards that matter in the hot tub and spa industry?

One of the oldest such certifications and issuers of awards in the hot tub and spa industry is TradeCertified. Originally formed in 1999, this group of industry professionals started out certifying pool and spa builders and has since gone on to certify many other types of trade industries. TradeCertified is a consumer testing firm with specialized knowledge whose mission is to protect consumers from firms that could be incompetent, predatory, unstable, or just plain unprofessional. When buying your pool, hot tub, or spa, you want to make sure your builder is certified and not only that, TradeCertified. To qualify your builder to be TradeCertified, your builder is reviewed for such things as number of years in business, and whether they have any industry affiliations. They are tested to see whether they possess a customer bill of rights, and actual customer testimonials. They are inspected to see whether the company possesses good corporate citizenship and has a history of customer complaints. Lastly, they are inspected to determine whether the builder has had the necessary service training and whether its employees are continuing to receive education.

TradeCertified is more than just something like the Better Business Bureau as they posses quite a bit more industry knowledge than that organization. What all this means to you as a consumer is that when you consider what awards the firm you are looking at possesses, look into whether they have received one of the few awards that matter – a TradeCertified Trade award. This highly coveted industry award is given by TradeCertified and based solely on the merit of the company. You can bet that when you shop from a retailer who has received such an award, you’ll receive a product that is excellent as well as service from a company who is committed to making you happy and supporting your purchase for years to come.

In order to achieve these awards, the companies who receive them are put through a series of independent audits which are extremely thorough and ensure that the company is committed to excellence on every level. An award would not be worth winning if it was easy to achieve, and TradeCertified hands out very few of them annually.

Seeking out an award that matters when choosing your pool, spa, hot tub or even service company is extremely important. Many industry awards are bought and paid for advertisements and the consumer has no idea that this process might be slanted in a way that ensures that the biggest contributors receive the best awards. TradeCertified awards are awards that matter solely because they are above reproach as a company and unimpeachable when it comes to their extremely thorough audit process. The next time you are shopping for a pool or spa, or even a service professional look into TradeCertified to find a trusted industry partner and rest at ease with knowing they are committed to your satisfaction and will do an excellent job.

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