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Hot Tub Health Benefits

Soaking in hot water is as old as when the first cave man discovered a host spring and tentatively immersed himself in it, soon after realizing the wonder of it all. Hot tubs just feel great, plain and simple; nothing beats a soak in the hot tub after a long, hard day at the office or in the field. Still, most people have no idea that hot tubs actually have health benefits. The health benefits of a hot tub are well documented and there are quite a few of them.

First of all, hot tubs increase circulation by dilating blood vessels. The hot water simply enlarges the blood vessels, increasing circulation to the point where inflamed joints and areas with pain now receive circulated blood, which helps carry away inflammatory products from the blood stream and relieve pain. Additionally, the circulation of the blood combined with the sweat and temperature of the water relieves headaches, back pain, joint issues, and arthritis.

Buoyancy is another area where hot tubs excel. Sure, you can get buoyancy in a swimming pool as well, but the hot water combined with the buoyancy is one of the real health benefits of hot tubs. Since you don’t have to support your body weight in the tub, it relieves joint pain and muscle stress because the weight of your body is reduced by a significant amount. This coupled with the circulation benefits provides an amazing mechanism to heal your body simply by soaking in hot, pulsating water.

Another side effect of the water temperature is the lowering of blood sugar. A recent study showed that soaking in a hot tub for 15 to 30 minutes per day significantly reduced blood sugar in diabetics and this is mainly due to the increased circulation of having the blood vessels dilated. Increased circulation and body temperature also fools your body into thinking that it is performing exercise, burning more calories than you normally would in a sedentary position.

Better and deeper sleep is another of the many health benefits of hot tubs. The increased temperature simply relaxes your body and helps you have a more restful sleep, as confirmed by a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation.

Hydrotherapy is an ancient and well known treatment for a variety of ailments, and the benefits of hot water are well known and well studied. The only thing that is a relatively modern advance, however, is the addition of powered jets, which channels the power of the water to where it needs to go to do the most healing. We’ve had hot water for millennia – we have had jet powered water for just a few decades.

Targeted water from a hot tub jet massages deep tissue and stimulates the body in a myriad of ways. You simply place the affected body part over the jet and have pressurized water pumped over it. The pressure immediately draws circulation to the area and moves muscle tissue in ways impossible to do without water.

Hot tubs and hydrotherapy are amazing ways to heal your body, increase circulation, decrease stress, and combat joint pain. And the activity is pleasurable and relaxing as well – all you need to do is soak in the tub and look up at the stars – you’ll soon be on your way to a healed body and more restful, relaxing sleep.

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