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Changing Spa Filters

Why Change Hot Tub Filters?

Hot tub filters play an integral role in the plumbing system. By filtering out debris and foreign objects they can help keep your hot tub water clean, clear, and enjoyable. Without hot tub filters your water would quickly become dirty and contain a ton of “floaters”.

However, even the best hot tub filters can lose their efficiency over time. While some last longer than others, they all can become clogged with debris and even form tears, rips, or holes within the filter element that can cause contaminants and debris to flow through the filter. Depending on the filter manufacture, recommended replacement schedules can be anywhere from 1 year to 5 years and beyond.

***TIP*** Failure to properly service and change your hot tub filter can actually void your hot tub’s warranty. It’s advised to always stick to the manufacture’s recommendations!

There are some signs you can use for yourself to determine if it may be time for a hot tub filter replacement:

  • When cleaning the filter, it doesn’t entirely clean up or has particles stuck in the filter that you can’t remove.
  • If you notice any cracks, tears, holes, or “open pores” within the filter or any of its pleats.
  • If any part of the filter or filter element is damaged, bent, crushed, or compromised.

Filter replacements can be found at a number of both online and local pool and spa supply stores. There’s a wide variety of filter manufactures, filter sizes, and filter efficiencies. Make sure to either determine the model number of the filter you’re replacing or to provide the make and model of your hot tub to a spa supply professional and they should be able to help you find the appropriatefilter. Typical costs for a replacement filter will run around $20-40 and should be considered cheap insurance. Regular replacement of the filter can help reduce the potential of much more serious hot tub equipment issues that can cost a lot of money!

How to Change Hot Tub Filters

Replacement of hot tub filters will vary depending on the model of hot tub, but generally the process is the same for all. Your best bet is to reference your hot tub owner’s manual for the exact procedure when it comes to replacing your filter, but you can use the following steps as a general guideline.

  • Turn the power to your hot tub off. This step is critical and will prevent your hot tub from accidentally cycling on while your filter is out, which can draw unwanted foreign objects or contaminants into your plumbing system and pump (a big no-no!). Usually hot tub installers will put a breaker switch near the hot tub that allows you to easily power down the hot tub.
  • Locate the hot tub filter housing and determine how your filter attaches. Most hot tub filters have threads on one end and will “screw” into the filter housing.
  • Remove the old filter.
  • Clean the filter housing and any area around the filter or filter housing that may be soiled.
  • Ensure you have the correct replacement filter by performing a visual comparison of the old filter versus the new filter.
  • Install the new filter.
  • Re-energize the power to the hot tub.
  • Run your tub on “high” for several minutes to purge any air that may have been introduced into the system and to ensure proper water flow is achieved through the new filter.
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