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Non-chlorine Shock (mps) Dosing For Hot Tubs / Spas

chem geek

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I don't have the guests add anything. Our last service guy suggested we leave a non chlorine shock and have them add a few tbsp. after each use, but our current guy (who did take the class and is certified) said not to. You really can't trust them to do it or do it correctly.

He comes out after each guest leaves /before the next one comes.

How do you raise the bromine level without shocking? We have a floater with tabs.

Check it frequently over the next few hours? Hah! I could when I am there but none of the service people do-they come once and leave. :(

Our instructions do say to bathe but I'm guessing most don't.

No one is there to meet the guests when they arrive. I live 90 minutes away and they use a lock box to get in.
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I am also on a message board for vacation rental owners and one said they change it after every group , which can be 2-3 times a week in summer! Seems like a waste of water. Tough choice, between having it clean and safe for guests vs helping the environment. Our liability leads us toward the first choice. Although when it was cloudy last time and needed changing (someone had vomited in it), I was told it would actually have been safe, based on the readings. But that's just gross.

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yes, well in the situation where a guest gets sick (whether you know about it or not) you want to take no chances. "based on the readings" is like saying the Olympic diving pool was green "because of alkalinity" ... but I digress :D

just keep in mind that especially in a commercial situation you are responsible for maintaining a healthy spa, and if it were me I would want to make sure that the spa is purged and drained regularly to avoid the accumulations of biofilm or a food supply for biofilm. the last think you want is a guest claiming that they got a rash or something after using your spa, so I applaud you for heading in that direction.

I'll just give my opinion for what its worth, with the greatest respect for what you are doing (and I applaud you for investigating!) , but I think its treading on very thin ice to operate a vacation rental spa where you are basically treating the spa like a hotel in-room wirlpool with a bromine floater without changing the water in between guests. Also, with no process in place to check and adjust sanitizer or pH during the guest stay its really a risk imho. Again, this is just my opinion, but based on what I purge out of my OWN spa I would not even consider operating a vacation rental without draining after every group, and purging on the order of once per month at least. I just think its dangerous to have warm water, great accumulations of bather waste, oils and such from who knows where that are not all all oxdized or trapped in the filter. If i may make a suggestion, it would be this: the next time you have the opportunity to drain, go through purge process with the Ahh-some product I mentioned earlier. Just see what happens! you might be astonished at what you thought was oxidized but is really hiding in your pipes :D

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