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Options For Above Ground Pool/deck Ladder

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I have a Splash super pool. The deck that was built onto the pool is not flush with the frame, but rather 6 inches above the frame, contractors did not do what I had asked. It will be too much of a hassle to try to correct the deck problem. Most deck ladders that I have seen will not work with the pool in regards to actually touching the bottom of the pool. I am worried that if I purchase the tallest ladder option, which still won't touch the bottom, will it cause damage to the ladder or the deck. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work? Does the ladder actually need to touch the bottom of the pool? Thanks

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Ladders should touch the bottom. For improper installment can place undi stress on the ladder and could break. Have you looked into the LUMIO brand of steps they do have extensions on the rails. You can also do a search online for pool ladders. Ithink there is a company called American plastics that has odd type ladders for your situation.

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I have had a 17x29.5 Splash pool for about 9 years now. I purposely built my deck about 9 inches above the top edge.

A couple of years ago I finally got tired of the A ladder and purchased one from Leslies pool supply that was made to attach to a deck and reach the bottom of the pool with the bottom "rung" being weighted and made of nylon or something that causes no damage. It works great.

Sadly, I looked on the Leslie web site to see if I could direct you to it but it is no longer there.

The moral of the story is that a good above ground pool deck ladder does exist somewhere. I apologize that I misplaced the ladder paperwork so I do not have the brand name.

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Above ground pool owners can understand the value of a pool ladder. It helps them enjoy their backyard pool without worrying about the height of the pool. There are various pools that come with attached ladders. However, most of them still require a separate ladder that works for people who need proper support from them.

Check out some Best Above Ground Pool Ladders for Heavy People (Heavy Duty and for Big People)


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