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Sundance vs Caldera??

Guest Liz

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Guest spatech (the unreal one)

Both make quality spas and back their product. Assuming you are comfortable with both dealers, I would highly suggest you wet test the spas as OFTEN this will eliminate one or highlight one as a better fitfor YOU.

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We wet tested both of these last week and they are very similar. The one main difference we found was that in the Caldera spa, one of their corner head rests that was more constrictive than the flatter ones on the Sundance. We didn't like that. That was just our personal finding. We liked the jets on both, the foot rests on both are very helpful as well.

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In this case Sundance wins the celebrity hot tub death-match KO!

There is no comparison between Sundance and Caldera. Sundance is far superior hot tub. Just my opinion from many years working on, and selling hot tubs. I do not sell either brand by-the-way. -Gary

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Here's my story with Sundance-

I was at a home show in Chantilly, Va. (Feb. 2005) and talked to a Sundance national sales rep from San Diego, Ca. I liked what the salesman said and I had until Dec. 31, 2005 to take delivery with 12 months before my first payment. I liked the Maxxus and put a $2,700 down payment on it. The check was made out to a local dealer here in Va. who was supposed to deliver it and install it the end of October.

About 3 weeks ago, Sundance sends me a letter saying the local dealer has gone out of business and they would get back with me. I have tried nearly a dozen times to get a saleman or company rep to call me to let me know what my options are without success. I still don't know what (if anything) they are doing or what my options are. I've read where Sundance does not suervice their customers very well and from my experience, I believe them!

I love the look and features of the Sunndance spa but I wouldn't trust getting much customer support if I had a problem.

I'm now looking into a CalSpa or Caldera- Bill

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Both are very good tubs! The wet test will determine your favorite. I have never tried out a Sundance Spa, but I have been in several Caldera Spas and they are very comfortable. It really is a personal preference!!

Good Luck!

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