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Hot tub jets

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Just built a hot tub for cabin heated by stainless steel stove . I want to add some sort of jets, either water or air and thinking air pumps would be easier and need less power to run cause Iam on solar setup. I read somewhere that the air would cool my water so was thinking of building a small enclosure around my stove and pump air from there. What do you guys think ? I have my tub mostly insulated cause we get cold winters.
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Couple of pics of what you have might help us with recommendations. Is it wood and if so how thick is it? There are all kinds of portable "Bubblers" made for bathtubs and such.

What are your expectations? If you just want the water to move you could even just place a drain pump without the garden hose attached in the foot well and it will move water. Whatever you decide make sure it is GFCI protected.

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Sides and floor are 1 1/2” cedar. Just want some bubbling in water to mix hot and cold water up plus bubbles makes it look nicer lol.I put about 30-34 inches of water and it takes aprox 6 hrs to raise temp from 6 to 38 degrees . Ps: grandson trying it out to see if it fits him. Lol


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