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New Spa Owner, Took delivery of a Brand new J-355 yesterday and the heater seems very loud.

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Hi there, As mentioned in the title, am first time spa owner (kinda, bought a POS used Dr. Wellness X3 several years ago that was junk). Anyways, Bought a brand new J-355 from the local Jacuzzi Dealer and they delivered it yesterday. We noticed last night that when the heater is running it produces quite a loud humming sound. I have used my parents hot tub in the past and never really noticed this. There is a difference in placement, mine is about 8" from the wall on the right hand side (looking at the control panel) I think it seems louder than it should but just curious if maybe this is normal and the noise is produced from the ozonator or if there is a defect. I know I can call my dealer but don't want to seem like a total noob if this is a normal thing.  Thanks in advance!!

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Something I wanted to add, when the heater is running, there are a lot of micro bubbles coming out of the heat jet on the control panel side of the spa, I attributed this to maybe being the ozone generator, but after some research there could be air in the lines?

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Did the tech remove the shipping bolts from the pumps? There are usually bolts which hold the pump solidly on the mounts for shipping and those get loosened up for use to allow the rubber mounts to take the vibrations of the pump running.

Pumps do vibrate when running. If there was air in the lines, you will hear something more like grinding/rattling/gurgling  and not a humming sound. I suspect it's the pumps you are hearing and not the heater. The heater is passive as far as water movement is, it has no moving parts.

The little bubbles are from the ozone generator, you are correct. The ozone generator should make no noise.

What is your tub on? Concrete? Gravel? Wood?  Different base material will deaden or amplify pump sounds.

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